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What is the one thing everyone wants to do with their free time? Play games! But, what if you’re tired of playing the same old games that are just too easy and want to try something new? Well, here at Frongames, we have a match for you!

Fixing Game is an action-packed puzzle game where your goal is to fix all the broken pieces of each level before time runs out. The object in Fixing Game is challenging yet straightforward; players must use their reflexes and quick-thinking skills to fix all the broken parts so that they can advance onto more difficult levels.

About Fixing Game

Fixing is a board game. It’s often referred to as Taboo or Twist. Specialized dictionaries do not have any differences between Taboo and Twister, but the general understanding is that they’re more interesting than Scrabble or Monopoly.

About Features

1. The first thing to do is choose the player’s role, such as Joker, Hacker, or Arbitrator.

2. The second one is to arrange the tiles. Players are divided into two equal groups, and each of them has a lot of small blank cards. Tiles must be played in a stack of cards, and each card has a word or a number written on it.

3. The third thing is to form the sentence. One player must build a penalty with his hand, while all others have to guess what he’s thinking about. If you can’t do that, it’s your turn to write down your own words until the sentence is built; and if the other players guess your thoughts, you must stop your writing immediately.

4. The fourth one is to describe the card. Unlike most games, this step is optional in Fixing Game.

5. The fifth thing is to replace the words. If someone guesses what’s on that player’s mind during the game, the first person must think of a word that could be instead of the one he has just written down.

6. And finally, to guess. The last step is to reveal all the cards in both parties’ hands. Those who are left unsolved will be put aside and get a score for each of them. Then you can start again from the beginning.


The Oxford dictionary publishing company develops fixing games. It usually takes turns in such events as the Word, Spell, and Tongue Twisters Championship of England, Canada, and America. Randomhouse publishes its premium version with an exclusive prize fund for winners.

Game file size

The game requires about 1.87 megabytes of free disk space on your Windows PC and 3.26 MB of free RAM to be started, which is not much at all.

How To Play Fixing Like Pro

The first step to do while playing Fixing Game is choosing the player’s role. As mentioned in the article above, there are four roles to choose from Joker, Hacker, Arbitrator, and Pusher.

The next step is arranging the tiles. To do that, each player must turn over the top 5 cards of their stack and spread them on the table face down. Then players put one tile face up in front of him.

For instance, if a card has the word candy written on it, the Joker must put another tile face up that has a similar word.

If none of the players have a card with a word in their stack, he can pull one card from the top part of his deck and turn it over on its front side.

The third step is to form the sentence. One player must think of a penalty and build it with his hand, while others must guess what he’s thinking about.

The fourth step is to describe the card. Unlike most games, this step is optional in Fixing Game.

Note: If you can’t remember the word with a tile on your palm, don’t be upset or hurry to make up words. Just write the same word on another tile and put it in front of you face down until your hand becomes empty again.

The fifth step is to replace the words. Fixing Game provides players who have guessed someone else’s thoughts with a chance to change the word that has been written on his palm. The player who thinks what’s on someone’s mind must change that word with the same tile from his stack.

If the other player doesn’t have this kind of tiles in his possession, he must take one card from the top part of his deck and turn it over on its front side.

The seventh step is to guess. The last step is changing all the face-down tiles players have in their hands and revealing them. Those who are left unsolved will be put aside and get a score for each of them. Then you can start again from the beginning, having all new cards on your palm.

Level of difficulty

Fixing Game is straightforward to learn, especially if you’re playing with people who are native speakers. You can find a German Fixing Game online, for starters.


If you’ve been looking for a fun and engaging game to play with your friends, this article should have given you some ideas. I hope the information here has helped spark an interest in downloading fixing on your device or computer so that you can start playing today!

Remember, it is free to download, but in-app purchases are also available if you want more content or features.

Please let me know what other games of this type appeal to you as well; I’ll keep updating my list based on feedback from readers like yourself.

One last thought before we wrap up…what do YOU think about fixing? What would make it better than any other arcade game out there? Let me know by commenting below!