Free Online Feed The Figures Game - How To Play Feed The Figures Game Like Pro

Feed The Figures Game

Free Online Feed The Figures Game - How To Play Feed The Figures Game Like Pro Click to play
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Feed The Figures is a new game that your kids will love! In Feed The Figures, players take turns rolling the dice to create different animal figures. Each player then feeds their formation with the corresponding food card from the pile. The first person to provide all of their animals wins! 

Feed The Figures Game Overview

Feed The Figures is a fun roll and move game. Players take turns moving around the board as they try to feed their animal figures. Feeding animals requires a player to use one of the corresponding food cards from the pile, then select an unoccupied space on their mat to place it.

Feeding an animal will award that player some points. Players remove the food card from the board when an animal has been provided and put it back in a pile. As play continues, the bank gets smaller, making specific spaces unavailable to be played on if they contain cards.

If a player lands on a square that belongs to someone else, they must pay rent by giving that person one of their food cards from the pile.

If a player lands on a square owned by themselves, they must place one of their animal figures in jail. When this happens, a player can get out of jail only when another player lands exactly on their space and pays the rent.

Free Online Feed The Figures Game – How To Play Feed The Figures Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the Play to play this game. 

Step 2: Set up the board/table as shown in the picture 

Step 3: Put out the food cards face up in a pile. This should make enough cards for each player to have six cards (the number of players). Place any remaining cards back into the box for now; you will need them later in the game. All players will start on Start. One player will go first, then play alternates between each person.

Step 4: When a player lands on another player’s animal space, they need to pay the rent! The amount of rent depends on what kind of house the other player has built. A small or cheap home is worth 1 point, a medium house is worth 2 points, and a fancy place is worth 4 points.

Step 5: When you land on another player’s space, you may pay them to rent to be allowed to move onto your own animal space. Once you are finished paying for the room’s rent, you may place one of your animal figures onto that space. 

Step 6: When you land on an unowned space, you have the option of building a house that will earn you extra money. You choose how much to spend and what type of house to build, make sure to save enough cards for your animal’s food later in the game, though! The more money spent on the house, the higher it will be.

Step 7: You may not place a food card from the pile onto an animal space that already has a food card on it. If you land on one of your own animal spaces and already have a food card on it, you must pay rent to yourself for landing there. 

Step 8: The end game will be triggered if the pile of food cards reaches zero. When this happens, each player must fill up their collection of food cards by drawing one card from the remaining stack of food cards. The game also ends if a player puts all 6 of their animal figures on their mat. This means that you have fed all your animals!

Beginner Tips

1) Maybe it’s better to put out all the food cards in one pile so that you can choose a card from anywhere. Obviously, this will make the game last longer, but it also makes it more likely that people won’t be able to feed their animals early on, and there will be more tension later in the game.

2) You can put one of your animal figures on a space owned by an opponent as long as you have the rent to pay them. This will earn you rent from that opponent, but don’t do it too often, or else they won’t be able to feed their animals and will eventually run out of cards in their pile.

3) If you land on an unowned space next to one of your animal’s spaces, it might be better to buy a small house instead of a medium or large house. This will allow you to build closer to the toys in the middle of the board (giving you an advantage over opponents that might need more time and more money to build houses).

4) You can only use each food card once per turn. This means that you cannot land on a space, put your one food, pay rent with it and then land right next to the pile of food that you just paid rent to and get another one out of the rise again. If any player lands on your space, you cannot take another piece of food out of the pile until they have had their turn.


It is a relatively simple game to learn and play but still has a decent amount of strategy. 

It’s a good game for people who want something more in-depth than Candyland or Chutes And Ladders but don’t want to be involved with Risk, Monopoly, or Chess. Also, there is less of a head start in Feed The Figures game, so it’s an excellent introduction to games for kids who think they always have to be the first to go.

The pieces can get annoying, though, once your house gets more extensive and you are trying to build out of it, especially if other players land on your space when you aren’t expecting them to. It’s not hard to see why the game only costs about $12, though.


Feed The Figures is a fun and challenging board game for older children, but not for younger children who get frustrated by losing or going too slow. This can be used as a family game with kids of all ages, especially if you modify the rules to make it last longer.