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Feed Me

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The Feed Me game is a new app from the Google Play Store that turns feeding time into entertainment. The user can choose their favorite food and watch it as they provide it to the virtual character, who will either eat it or refuse to do so.

If he doesn’t want what’s being offered, the player has two choices: try something else until his appetite returns, or get mad at him for being picky and pelting him with whatever you have in your arsenal!

This game is excellent for children because it teaches them how to identify different types of foods while keeping them entertained by throwing fruit across the room.

About Feed Me Game

The Feed Me game comes with tricky minor points. It is played by gamers worldwide, but still, it has its facts not mentioned in many places.

One should always know about them while playing, or else one can quickly lose their mind out of stress and anxiety. Here are some essential tips for playing this game properly.

One should make sure that the character playing – a panda, for example, should not be in a hungry mood. So keep him full before starting to play. It is better to take snacks packed with glucose during the game to avoid any severe damage later.

One can use fruits or chocolates as snacks, but they have their disadvantages over the sweet taste.


The Feed Me game has been created by an intelligent human being who never leaves his creativity outstanding in any of his works.

The game is based on fun and entertainment with some basic facts mentioned above to keep its demand. Here are more features that make this game prominent among other games.

The graphics used in the Feed Me game is indeed a feature on their own. In all the fun, this kind of graphics is quite rare to find.

The natural character and environment are so lively that players themselves will get engrossed in mastering it and gain new points for their skills. Also, there are some mini-games included in the game, which keeps it interesting.

The Feed Me games are available for online gaming too. A player can play this on their desktop or laptops by downloading the software from its website and then use a USB stick to connect it with their devices.

The way of playing is almost similar, and all one needs to do is enter the correct username and password to get started with the game.

Leaders or players can organize a tournament using this game, too, depending on their own experience in managing such activities for entertainment. Some internal issues have been discussed at length here before.


The Feed Me game has a straightforward interface. A player only needs to use the left mouse button and click on the panda to start playing. The game itself will provide the directions, so one doesn’t need any manual or guide in this regard.

One should check out all the mini-games available inside this game as they are exciting to play.


The Feed Me game was created by a group of young self-appointed developers who have done this for fun and entertainment. They are not professionals in development, but their work has been appreciated by millions of people worldwide, making it a popular game one can play at any time of the day.

How To Play

To play the Feed Me game, one has to select a character from the three characters – panda, fox, or rabbit. After that, one can start by clicking on any of them and then follow the directions given by the game. There are five levels in total, and it is easy for anyone to complete them.

Levels of difficulty

There are two levels of difficulty – easy and hard. The first one is for beginners while the other one is for experienced players. The latter has a variety of mini-games in which an expert can take part and overcome all challenges as long as they keep patience intact and their experience to its current level.


Here are some questions that have been asked by players worldwide, along with their answers. One should know most things before they start playing so that confusion can be kept at bay.

What are the main rules of the feed me game?

Feeding should be done on a timely basis. It is wrong to over or underfeeds the character, as either can affect the score at the end of each level. The health status and weight should be taken into consideration before starting with any significant task. That’s about it!

What are the best things about this game?

All levels have some unique features. Each class is more complex than the other in hunger and weight loss, so overcoming one level will be very difficult. That’s why practicing at least twenty times before taking up challenges is highly recommended.


If you are looking for a fun and competitive game that constantly evolves, this may be the one. Feed me has more than enough features to keep players engaged. New levels will pop up every day, as well as new gameplay modes with varying difficulty levels.

You’ll also be able to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, so there’s always someone ready to take your challenge!

Frongames makes sure it is the best choice out there by providing in-depth reviews of all of their games before they’re even released on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Download feed me here today and join over 4 million other people who have already played!