Free Online Fancy Diver 3 - How To Play Fancy Diver 3 Like Pro

Fancy Diver 3

Free Online Fancy Diver 3 - How To Play Fancy Diver 3 Like Pro Click to play
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Fancy Diver 3 is a game that challenges players to explore the ocean’s depths while collecting treasure and avoiding enemies. The player controls their diver by tapping on the screen to swim up, down, left or right.

You can also tap on an enemy to attack it. As you play through levels, some more challenging enemies and obstacles will make your journey more difficult.

Once you complete all five levels in each world (there are five worlds total), it’s time for another challenge! Collect as much treasure as possible before your oxygen runs out! With many hours of gameplay packed into this one app, we hope you find plenty of entertainment with Fancy Diver 3!

About Fancy Diver 3 Game

If you are a fan of the original Fancy Diver game, this new version will charm you with its fancy-diver-online-3.html, graphics, and gameplay style.

Created by David Weekley, his work for the flash version of the computer game Fancy Diver 3 is impressive because it is one of the most comprehensive online games. This version of the game has two players and is also available in English and Swedish languages.


The original Fancy Diver game came to life in the late 80s and got better over the years. The current version of Fancy Diver 3 has many features that were not there in the first versions of the computer game, such as:

  • Salty water
  • Sand below
  • New graphics
  • New levels

These should keep you busy for a while, as there are many levels to play, and the goal is to get as far as you can without losing your lives.

As with every game, Fancy Diver 3 comes with a warning that children under 12 years old should not play this particular computer game because of some apparent violence. Therefore it is better for adults only.


The controls in Fancy Diver 3 are highly interactive and give you the feeling of being inside a natural swimming pool. You can swim freely, move your arms or legs and even dive underwater when needed.

Since graphics play such an essential role in this game, it is pretty evident that Fancy Diver 3 will be highly appreciated by those who have fast internet connections because there are many high-quality graphics and smooth animations.

The direction of movement is done through the arrow keys on the keyboard. In contrast, the Z key serves as an action button that allows you to use any ability or dive underwater to collect coins or other items. The key serves the purpose of restarting the game if needed and pauses it if you want to take a break.


According to the official website for Fancy Diver 3, David Weekley is an author who decided to create this online flash computer game; he started it in 2010 and since then has worked hard on it, adding new levels and features that made his work increasingly better.

How To Play

If you want to play the original version of Fancy Diver where one player dives on his own against the clock, you need to remember a few things:

The arrow keys on your keyboard are the ones used for playing this computer game. The Z key is used as an action button.

Make sure you have enough oxygen; otherwise, you will have to come up once. To get more oxygen, make sure to collect it from bubbles. It is best if you use your arms and legs so that you can move faster.

Levels Of Difficulty

If you are wondering what the levels of hardness are in Fancy Diver 3, add to your knowledge by putting this:

1. Bubble Splash – Easy

2. Sea Bottom – Hard

3. Flash Gills – Medium

4. Slime Slide – Medium/Hard


We hope you enjoyed our review of the new fancy diver three games. The graphics are beautiful, and it’s fun to progress through levels as they get more complex.

You can play against friends on the same device or Facebook, which is a nice touch for those that want to compete with others without having an account.

Whether you feel like relaxing in your free time by playing a few rounds solo or challenging someone else, this app has something for everyone!

With all these features and benefits, we think any smartphone owner should download Fancy Diver 3 today, so they don’t miss out on their favorite part of summer!