Free Online Eugene Sheffer Crossword Game - How To Play Eugene Sheffer Crossword Game Like Pro

Eugene Sheffer Crossword Game

Free Online Eugene Sheffer Crossword Game - How To Play Eugene Sheffer Crossword Game Like Pro Click to play
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Eugene Sheffer is the original word puzzle master. Crosswords by him are always challenging and never too easy or too difficult.

His puzzles date back as early as the 1930s, and some people say that crossword solving can be a complete cultural education because those who study it know how to answer any question! Tired of trying so hard? Then use the reveal function for clues and answers on your daily Eugene Sheffer crossword journey. Are you ready to try it at Frongames?

Free Online Eugene Sheffer Crossword Game – How To Play Eugene Sheffer Crossword Game Like Pro

1. Each crossword puzzle consists of white squares between a collection of black squares – the white ones show the letters for which you search, the black ones are either taken from words already entered into your logotype, or they are space.

The structure of most Sheffer puzzles is similar: some boxes will be filled in with one letter, and some will be left blank, and the rest will be divided into groups of three horizontally or vertically.

The columns are jumbled in their sequence – this means that each block of letters is shifted from its place to another one to make a crossword puzzle much more challenging!

2. Look at the example above: all boxes with a single letter have been taken from the word ELEVATOR, the boxes left blank are space, and the groups of three (also called triplets) have been divided into two small squares.

The word in which each group is taken must be entered on your answer field – again, their positions have been shifted, and you need to solve them.

3. To fill in the empty boxes, you search for words formed from groups of three letters between brackets – e.g., all words are taken from the word GINGER, and then you can use these forms to fill in your answer field.

Most likely, some words will not assist you in finishing the puzzle because they are just words – a word is typically formed from one or two letters.

4. To complete the crossword puzzle, all boxes will be filled in, and some form of any letter must remain over empty spaces to show that the crossword puzzle has been solved.

The remaining free space can be filled in with several words or just one word! The crossword is solved when you fill out the entire answer field, but sometimes it’s very tricky to do this.

5. When you use a computer to solve the crossword puzzle (and print it out as well), make sure that your monitor resolution is set at the highest level.

If you work on a word processor, cause the font size larger than usual to print it out again. With a monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and the correct settings for your screen color, you’ll be able to see all letters without any problems.


Sheffer crossword puzzles are the perfect game for any man or woman who loves solving different types of puzzles and brainteasers. There is no hinting, no cheating e clues, only real work that will develop your knowledge and skills in English spelling and vocabulary all over again!