Free Online Elsa Make Over - How To Play Elsa Make Over Like Pro

Elsa Make Over

Free Online Elsa Make Over - How To Play Elsa Make Over Like Pro Click to play
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In this game, you get to have the power of Elsa Make Over! Elsa is feeling a little blue lately and needs your help to look her best. Start by washing off all that dirt with soap and water, then dry her skin and hair.

Apply makeup, choose eye shadow and lipstick colors, change her old clothes into something new, accessorize with jewelry or glasses. Take a picture at the end for all of your friends to see! You can also share it on social media or email it to someone special.

Don’t worry about getting everything perfect in one try – keep playing until you find the right look for Elsa!

About Elsa Make Over Game

Elsa Make Over is free online Elsa makeover games for girls. Elsa just got back from Ice Palace and rocked the hairstylist chair. Let’s enjoy this fantastic game, and you maybe want to try other Frozen Makeover Games on this website.

Elsa was so cute and funny when she comes to the party, how about your girl make such pleasure for Elsa? Use your talent as a hairstylist to learn how to use different tools to dress up Elsa’s hair.

You can also change her skin color and add beautiful jewelry to make her look more elegant. Elsa wants her hair and make-up to look super cute for the party. She needs advice from you, let’s give her some help!


  • You will be the best hairstylist for Elsa;
  • Solve different problems to unlock more levels;
  • Lovely, funny, and cute Elsa, you will like her;
  • Free games for girls to play.


Use a mouse to play this game.

How To Play Elsa Make Over

Elsa has a good idea to go to the party, but she needs your help. She is very nervous and does not know how to choose the right hairstyle and makeup for this important occasion.

Do you want to make her look more beautiful? This game will show you the steps to make a perfect makeover for Elsa.

You need to paint the nails with nail polish and pick different sparkly earrings and necklaces. Take care of her hairstyle, do some braids or curl her hair using hot tools.

You can even change her hair color by choosing a more suitable one: blue, pink, orange, or green. Elsa, the Frozen princess, will become more and more beautiful with your incredible makeup skills!

Levels Of Difficulty

This game offers four levels of difficulty. Each level includes different problems to solve and new items to use. The first one is straightforward, the second one is a bit more complicated, the third level has many challenges for you, and the fourth one represents a tough challenge.

Level 1

In the first level, Elsa wants her hair to be straight and long. Therefore, you need to use the curlers. Just fix them on her hair and wait until they get hot enough for being removed. Then, comb her hair with a brush or any other appropriate tool, and then enjoy your work!

Level 2

The second level offers Elsa three different hairstyles for you to choose from. You need to pick for her the hairstyle she likes most and do it accordingly.

At this level, you will have to learn how to use hot tools on Elsa’s hair. You can choose between curlers, a drier, or a straightener. With these tools at hand, you are now able to achieve different hairstyles in just some seconds!

Level 3

This level is very similar to the second one. For this reason, there are no significant changes in terms of gameplay or challenges. In this case, Elsa wants her hair to be green and short.

You need to use the straightener and then comb it as you did earlier in the previous levels. If you think that your work is not good, restart the level and try it again!

Level 4

This is the most challenging level of this game. You will have to do everything you mastered in the previous levels, but with more challenges.

For example, Elsa’s hair needs to be green and curly. Use all your skills to complete this task! This level has got three different functions for you to complete. Take a look!


Are there any advertisements in this game?

No, there aren’t! The game is free of ads.

Is this game only for girls?

Both boys and girls can play this game. All you need to do is select your favorite character from the menu and play as you like.

How long is this game?

The game can be played for free as many times as you want. After playing, you will receive a score based on how well you completed the levels of difficulty. If you get top scores in all levels, your rank will rise, and it will be displayed next to your username on the leaderboard!

How do I share my result after completing the game?

After completing the game, you will submit your score and see how good or bad it is! A leaderboard with all scores will also be displayed. If you get a top score, your username will be displayed next to your result on the leaderboard!

How do I become a princess?

You need to enter our Facebook page, where you will find the application that allows you to become a princess! It is easier than ever!

What are the prizes?

You can choose between different types of prizes. You are sure to get something great for your result after completing this game!

Is there any support team?

Yes, we have a support team that is ready to help you if you need any assistance. If you have any questions, contact us! We are trying our best for you to have a great time playing this game!


The Elsa Makeover game is a free app for your iPhone and iPad. It’s an entertaining way to spend time with your kids while they are waiting in the carpool line or at home when you need some downtime.

This article has reviewed what makes the Elsa makeover game so fun and why it is worth downloading today! I hope you get the information that you want from reading this post about Elsa’s makeover!