Free Online Drift Race - How To Play Drift Race Like Pro

Drift Race

Free Online Drift Race - How To Play Drift Race Like Pro Click to play
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Drift race is an engaging, competitive arcade game that can make your day better. It’s easy to pick up and play but challenging to master.

The goal is to steer a car around the course without crashing into anything or getting caught by the police. The more you drift in the turns, the better you will complete them with speed and control!

In this addictive game of skill, it’s not always about going fast – sometimes, taking it slow can help you get through tight corners!

With its simple graphics and intuitive controls, drift race has become one of our favorite games on mobile devices for short bursts of fun that are over before we know it!

About Drift Race Game

Adrift Race is a racing/driving game based on drifting, a high-speed cornering technique. It’s not like traditional driving games where players need to pass through the checkpoints or get their car in the time control zone.

In the Drift race game, your main goal is to face as many cars as possible on the map, just by gliding around a given corner and drifting through as many checkpoints as possible.

The drift Race game is becoming increasingly popular because of its challenge to players handling fast vehicles at high speed while staying on the right track without sliding off.

It’s kind of like an arcade racing game when you don’t have to be worried about the opponents’ cars, except there are some cases where players can have opponents that drive faster than them.


In Drift race online game, you can play on one of three different maps. Each map has its own set of cars and speed limits that are suitable for your driving level.

A well-designed drift track is the most critical factor in making a successful run through a Drift Race game. As long as you can get all the checkpoints by drifting around a corner, you’re sure to gain access to the leaderboards.


You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or mouse to control and drive your car online in a drift race game.


The developer of this game is called Genesis Racing.

How To Play

Playing the Drift race game online is quite simple. You control your racing car and drive it through a corner while gliding around the checkpoints to get points on each pass.

Don’t worry about the opponents, and they’re not there for you to jump at them. They’re just there, so you won’t feel lonely while drifting around a corner.

Levels Of Difficulty

Drift race game online is one of the most popular games on the net because it offers a great challenge to players who are into arcade racing and those who want to have a realistic driving experience.

Level 1: This is a level for beginners. The cars’ speed is not that fast, so you can practice your driving skills at this level without worrying about getting off track or into an accident.

Level 2: This is where it gets fascinating and challenging if you’re a real racing car lover. At Level 2, the opponents get faster as well as stronger. If you can drive your car fast enough to meet the speed limit, you will have more chances to access higher levels.

Level 3: You made it this far, and now level 3 awaits you with a great challenge ahead of you. Here at Level 3, even if the speed has increased slightly compared to level 2, that’s not all.

In level 3, the opponents will also be faster than level 2. That means you should keep your car as fast as possible to meet their speed and try not to slow down if you don’t have to.


How much disk space does this game take up on my computer?

Less than 100 MB.

What are the system requirements for this game?

There are no specific system requirements. The only requirement is a stable internet connection to play it online and any device running flash games.


Frongames is always bringing back the great game to release stress. Drift Race, a new racing game that just came out on iOS and Android, is no exception. It’s an endless racer with a straightforward goal- keep your car going as long as possible without crashing into anything!

The twist? You can also control your drift direction to get bonus points or avoid obstacles like other cars and traffic barriers.

The developers offer daily challenges that will give you extra coins for completing them successfully, so it never gets too dull.

With lots of different cars and tracks available, there’s sure to be something here for everyone who loves drifting around corners at high speeds!