Free Online Dream Room Makeover - How To Play Dream Room Makeover Like Pro

Dream Room Makeover

Free Online Dream Room Makeover - How To Play Dream Room Makeover Like Pro Click to play
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The dream room makeover is a fun game to play, but it’s even more fun when you have your own space to do it in. With this game, players can design their dream room and then share pictures of the finished product with friends who vote on which one they like best!

In this game, you will enter the dream room of a player and help them design their ultimate living space. You’ll get to choose from over 500 furniture items and decorations to make your client’s home into a modern-day palace. Will you be able to please these demanding customers? Play now!

About Dream Room Makeover Game

Dream Room Makeover Game is one of the popular games on Facebook and other social media sites. It has almost a million gamers worldwide who play this game every single day and enjoy it.

Dream Room Makeover is an interior design simulator that allows players to give a new look to their virtual house room, restroom, or other room. This game has won many hearts and is gaining more players every day.


Here are some of the best features of Dream Room Makeover:

A wide range of furniture to choose from. High-quality graphics with 3D effects. Smooth controls with a user-friendly interface.

Cut your hair, dress up and accessorize yourself. Get ready for a new look. Watch your room get transformed in just minutes.


The game’s controls are straightforward to understand and use, so it has become a popular choice amongst the young generation, especially girls who love interior design.

This game’s main objective is to give your dream home a new look by decorating the rooms with modern-day furniture and interiors.

The overall performance of this game is excellent and very user-friendly. You will not have any problem using controls once you start playing it.


Dream Room Makeover Game is created by Playdom, famous for creating many other fantastic online games, which are very popular among gamers.

How To Play Dream Room Makeover Like Pro

The overall gameplay of this game is also excellent and user-friendly. You wouldn’t face any problem navigating through it once you start playing it.

You can complete your gaming experience by following these simple steps: Use a mouse or touchpad to move objects inside rooms. You can use the left mouse button or a touchpad to drop items in-game.

Click on the hand icon to directly move an item out of your inventory and into your room. Select any piece of furniture from the menu and drag it to any open space inside the house.

Once you have dropped it, click on it to modify its position. Drag your furniture into your room and drop them on the floor.

Click on an object to select it, then click-and-drag a color from your palette over the item. Drag the edges of a thing to resize it or drag its center to rotate it.

Levels Of Difficulty

Dream Room Makeover is a level-based game, and every level has some special requirement to be fulfilled to complete it. Here are the levels of difficulty one will encounter while playing this fantastic online game:

1. Easy Mode – It’s a straightforward mode for beginners. You need to arrange or restore the room furniture by using your mouse. You don’t have to worry, and the game will tell you which table needs to be placed where and in what condition.

2. Medium Mode – Even if it is an accessible mode for beginners, but there are still some challenging tasks that need to be completed to complete this mode successfully.

3. Hard Mode – This is the most challenging mode in-game and requires a high concentration from its players. It has complex tasks which will be difficult for a new player to complete.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to Dream Room Makeover Game:

How do I get furniture?

You have to buy furniture for your room using coins or diamonds.

Where do I get coins and diamonds?

You can buy these two in-game currencies using real money.

How do I make $$?

Everyone wants to know how they can make more coins and diamonds in this game. Here is the best way: Use our Dream Room Makeover cheats to search for hidden objects like a treasure box or pay attention to any valuable thing you find during your gameplay. I found some furniture in a yard sale, so I bought it for $50 and sold it for $200!


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