Free Online Dragon Dash Game - How To Play Dragon Dash Game Like Pro

Dragon Dash Game

Free Online Dragon Dash Game - How To Play Dragon Dash Game Like Pro Click to play
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Dragon Dash is a game that any age group can play. The object of the game is to collect as many dragon eggs as possible before your opponents do. There are three different levels in this game, each with its difficulty factor and time limit. With more difficult levels come more points for every egg you find! Frongames will go over how to play Dragon Dash and hopefully help you get an edge on your competition! 

Dragon Dash Game Overview

Dragon Dash is a game that relies on strategy, decision-making, and quick thinking. The main objective of Dragon Dash is to collect as many eggs as possible before the time runs out. 

The playing field is made up of three different levels: forest, mountains, and caves. Each group contains anywhere from 3 to 6 eggs. These eggs are randomly placed in other areas, increasing the challenge. The faster you find them, the more points you get! 

This game is turn-based in which each player gets to make a move once, and then after that, it moves onto the next person until it’s completely gone around.

You can steal other players’ eggs in this game if you are fast enough and clever enough. When you are the game leader, no one can steal your eggs.

The end of the game is marked by an exclamation point next to your character, as well as a timer showing how much time is left until it starts back over again.

Free Online Dragon Dash Game – How To Play Dragon Dash Game Like Pro

Step 1: You start on level 1, and you might see something like this

Step 2: Click on the green button, and you will be taken to level 1. You may notice a timer that shows how much time you have left before the game ends. 

Step 3: Now, let’s find some eggs! On your screen, it will show five numbers ranging from 5-25. These numbers are the number of eggs on the level you are currently playing. 

Step 4: Each player gets one chance to move their token, represented by a circle with a face on it. This step can take anywhere between three seconds and ten.

It all depends on how fast your computer is! You will notice that as each person completes their move, a ticking sound will play. When you get to move, it will play a ding sound. 

Step 5: Once you have completed your movement, click on the red button in the bottom right corner. This will bring up a screen showing how many eggs that each player has collected so far.

Step 6: Keep finding eggs! Once you think you have collected enough, click on the green button at the top of your screen once again. You will then be taken to level 2 with a brand new set of randomly placed eggs. The higher the level, the more points each egg is worth!

Step 7: Repeat these steps until your time runs out or you have collected enough eggs. Hopefully, you win!


This game has many different features that make it very fun to play, such as:

1. Game Leader Feature – This feature lets you take an egg from an active player, but only if you are the leader. The game leader gets to move first and steal any eggs they want as long as it is before their time runs out. They will have a timer above them that shows how much time is left in the round. 

2. Timed Rounds – Thanks to the timed rounds, one of the best things about this game is that it’s constantly changing. The difficulty of each level increases when you get further along in the game, causing a new experience every time! 

3. Eggs – There are 12 different types of eggs, and there are two of each kind (red and blue). This means there are 24 eggs at each level and a total of 144 eggs for every game! These eggs are randomly placed on the field. This adds an element of surprise and can make or break your chances of winning. The more points you collect, the more likely you will succeed! 

4. Ability to Undo Move – You may have made a mistake but don’t worry, you can fix it! You have the option to undo your move if you click on the arrow button next to the red button. It is beneficial and an excellent way to not get frustrated when playing. 

5. Colors – Each player gets one of four colors depending on which level they are on. The different colors are:

6. Ability to Chat – You can talk with each other in the chat room above. Just like you would focus on battle pirates or any other game online. This is a great way to make new friends!

7. Tokens and Eggs – There are nine tokens, each having unique faces that represent the different species.

8. Time Left Timer – This is located right above each player’s token. It tells how much time they have left before the game ends, which helps a lot because sometimes it can be hard to know if there are only twenty seconds left or two minutes, which is a vast difference in some of the high levels.

9. Difficulty Level – The game difficulty level changes when you win or lose around. To change it, click on the green button at the top right corner of your screen. There are five different difficulty modes that you can play on:


There is no specific conclusion about why this game is so liked across the web and mobile devices. The graphics are vivid and hard not to pick, the music is enjoyable and sets an exciting mood for each level, and it has so much replay value that you can play it every day without getting bored! Enjoy your dragon dash experience with your friends.