Free Online Down The Hill Game - How To Play Down The Hill Game Like Pro

Down The Hill Game

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Down The Hill Game is a challenging game where you are tasked with getting your ball to the bottom of the hill, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You can’t use your hands, and obstacles in your way will send you back up the hill if touched. It’s up to you to figure out how best to get down this tricky slope without losing all of your lives!

This game is a tough one because, at first glance, it looks like an easy task: push the ball towards the bottom of the screen. But wait! There’s more than meets the eye here. You cannot touch anything on-screen or else, bam! You’re sent right back up again. Let’s Frongames show you how to play this game.

Down The Hill Game Overview

The screen is divided into black and white sections. Enemies are usually in the white areas, while your ball is in the black space. The goal of each level is to get your ball as far down the hill as possible by moving it left or right without touching any obstacles on-screen.

You have a limited number of lives, which are seen at the top-left corner of the screen. If your ball touches anything on-screen, you lose one life and have to start over again from level 1. The goal is to get as far down as possible without losing all lives!

Free Online Down The Hill Game – How To Play Down The Hill Game Like Pro

1. Use left and right arrow keys to move the ball. 1st level is elementary.

2. On higher levels, you will see obstacles like hedgehogs, thorn bushes – if touched one time, it comes back up. The best way to overcome the challenges is to collect flowers that can be found in hard-to-reach spots. When your ball rolls over it, you’re rewarded with an extra life!

3. Collect keys in levels 4 to 7 – they open doors that take you to a new level. When you get stuck in some classes, it is suggested that you use Game Bug Unlimited, which will help solve all your problems.

4. If your ball lands on an enemy, you will lose a life. You are also able to jump over enemies if your timing is just right. To get past the big mountain and rock barriers which at first seem impassable, use time wisely. For example, land on the top of the rock or mountain before jumping onto the ground again to prevent yourself from losing a life.

5. In level 8, three doors are in the middle of the screen that takes you to different groups. It will be challenging to get rid of enemies, but it is possible with patience and skills.

6. Collect keys in each level – by collecting them, you will find a new door and open it. In level 10, there are three doors (top left-right) in the middle that takes you to different groups.

7. Always make sure all keys are collected before trying to get rid of enemies as they replenish their numbers every time an object is eliminated. Don’t forget to avoid the enemy’s attack.

8. If your ball touches anything, you lose a life. So let the object touch you before touching it. (to kill thorns and hedgehogs) Some enemies can be touched without losing lives like cobwebs. They will disappear when your ball rolls over it.

9. Collect keys at each level, and you will open a new door.

Beginner Tips

1. If you’re having a hard time saving your lives, turn off the sound.

2. Always be careful when there are two ways to move forward because it is easy to lose lives – make sure you use Game Bug Unlimited.

3. The longer it rolls, the faster it gets (this happens when your ball lands on a downslope) – always make sure you move onto a flat area after falling into an up or down slope to save yourself from losing lives quickly.

4. Remember that there are three doors in the middle of the screen in levels 8-10. Collect all keys before trying to get rid of enemies so you can open a new entry.


  • 3D graphics, sound effects.
  • Many levels are to be completed.
  • Game Center enabled: share scores with friends and got the winner crown!.


If you are a passionate player of Down The Hill Games online, you should try this new game. The thrill of this game is that you are always urged to proceed further as the game will get more challenging after every level.

Another thing I liked about Down The Hill Game online is its ability to let you choose classes to play because there are no restrictions whatsoever. Once you have completed all the levels in a specific category, move on to another.