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The Dots Game is a free online app that allows players to connect their dots in the fewest number of lines possible. Players can compete against themselves or others by drawing as many connections and lines as they want on the screen.

This game is addictive for even experienced artists, who will find it difficult not to continue playing until they have found all the possible solutions for each level. The best part about this game? It’s free!

About Dots Game

As you may know, the game is called “dots,” and it’s a prevalent one because it can be played on any platform.

Dots are small round images that are interconnected. In this online game, your task is to connect all dots with lines. The more dots you manage to communicate at once – the better score you will get.

This game is perfect for any time you want to relax and rest from your hard-working day or spend some free time playing this online flash game. Don’t rush. Take your time and line up the dots as fast as possible because that will bring you more points.


The game has many cheery colors and sounds, so you’ll enjoy it from the beginning to the end. It has four modes:

  • Series – connect all dots with lines to complete each level;
  • Crazy – draw any line you want;
  • Endless – continue connecting dots until your time runs out or make just one mistake;
  • Zen – connect all dots with lines in the allotted time.


The game controls are simple to remember and easy to operate: to connect a line, click on one of the dots.


Box10games develop this game. This studio was established in 2008 and had only one developer who makes different flash games like Boomshine, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2, Baby Bloon, etc.

How To Play

The point of this game is to connect as many dots with lines as possible. At first sight, it seems that there are no rules, but if you are attentive, you will understand how to play Dots like a pro:

  • Connect not only horizontally and vertically, connect dots at any angle;
  • Connect as many dots as possible at once – the more bubbles you manage to connect at once – the more points you will get;
  • Connect dots that are not connected. In time you can connect them all;

Now that we know how to play dots like a pro, it’s time for some practice: take a moment and try connecting as many dots as possible. Yes, this is challenging!

Levels Of Difficulty

There are nine levels in the game, and each level is a bit harder than the previous one. For example, it may be easy to connect 1 or 2 dots initially, but when you play this game at higher levels, it will become much more complex: there are not many free spaces between dots, so you need to think of several moves ahead.

  • Level 1 – ‘Dot dot dash’
  • Level 2-6 – ‘Connect the dots’
  • Level 7-9 – ‘Up and down’

This online game is ideal for both kids and adults. If you are a kid, play it on the level that matches your skills; if you are an adult – aim for the highest level!


Are there any differences between dots online and dots on Facebook?

Yes, there is. The difference is that you can play this flash game free here without creating a Facebook account or paying anything.

Can I play it on PC?

No, unfortunately, you cannot play this game on a PC/laptop.

Will I be able to play it in my country?

Yes, this flash game can be played from anywhere globally; all you need is a stable internet connection and your browser. Just open the game page in your browser. Enjoy!


Dots is a game that has been around for many years. It’s always fun to play, and it never gets old because new levels are constantly added with more challenges, obstacles, and power-ups!

The best part about the game is playing against your friends on the same device or online by connecting through Facebook. You should download this app here if you want to have some free time in your life. What games do you like? Frongames provides all kinds of other games, too, so check them out!