Free Online Doodle Connect - How To Play Doodle Connect Like Pro

Doodle Connect

Free Online Doodle Connect - How To Play Doodle Connect Like Pro Click to play
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Doodle Connect is a game that children can play as young as two or three years old. It’s designed to foster creativity and improve motor skills. Doodle Connect is available on the App Store for download.    

The game consists of rounds where players have to draw lines between shapes to make them disappear. In each round, they are given new forms with which they must find connections to keep playing. There are no time limits, so kids can take time with each challenge and enjoy exploring what different drawings create!

About Doodle Connect Game

Doodle Connect is a simple drawing game that helps users improve their graphics skills by creating new drawings. It’s been downloaded more than three million times from the official website, and it has 65 million plays on Facebook. If you like such games, it would be a good idea to play this online version immediately.


  • A simple but addictive puzzle game.
  • Provides more than 10,000 levels online with unique, modern graphics and a variety of difficulty levels.
  • Videos tutorials help players to understand how to play this game easily.


At the beginning of each level, users can press on “Play” button to start playing. After selecting two doodles, users can move them by tapping on LeftRight, and Up.

Break mode – To get more stars online, players need to break the pre-determined number of bricks. Therefore, they can tap on the “Break” button in break mode to complete each level.

Developer, Inc. develops this game, and it was published in 2010 on the iOS platform. It has been tested and works well on iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.3 or later and iPod touch and any other device running the Chrome browser.

How To Play 

Before starting to play, users must read the article carefully because helpful hints will be given in this paragraph.

At each level, users should move two doodles with their fingers to make them connect and reach each other. They can attract doodles by touching or tapping on them when they are near each other. To beat a level, they need to draw a line that connects two doodles before the time runs out.

If users fail to connect both of them during the allotted time, the game will be over. Each level has a different goal, and it’s straightforward to finish all levels. They can follow the ‘Hints’ button to get help if they have problems completing a certain level.

Modes Of Difficulty 

Easy – 4 levels, 20 stars (for completing a level), and ten bonus stars (For breaking all bricks in a level). Players should pass this mode very quickly. 

They can also get help from the ‘Hints’ button if they have problems finishing a certain level. In this game mode, players can play only on the black background.

Advanced – 30 levels, 100 stars (for completing a level), and 25 bonus stars (For breaking all bricks in a level). This mode is much more complex than the access mode. Players should be aware of timers as they are essential to complete each level. 

They can get extra 50 points for finishing a level within the given time limit and an extra star for breaking all bricks. If they don’t reach enough points to progress, players should try their best in the next level.

Expert – 30 levels, 100 stars (for completing a level), and 25 bonus stars (For breaking all bricks in a level). This mode is the most difficult one among the three ways of difficulty. 

Players must be aware of timers to pass a level. Additionally, they can get extra 50 points for finishing a level within the given time limit and an extra star for breaking all bricks.

It’s not easy to become Doodle Connect Master, but it shouldn’t be impossible if they spend enough time improving their skills in drawing doodles. This game is a beautiful way to help users to enhance their artistic talents.


How many levels does the game have? 

The game has more than 10,000 levels. It’s possible to play each level repeatedly until players can pass them successfully.

What is a line made of, and why do I need it in this game?

A line is a path that connects two dots and helps players to reach their target.

Why is the number of stars I get in each level different?

The number of stars earned depends on the time remaining and how accurately they made two dots connect. To gain more than 5 out of 10 available stars in a level, users should pass it within 20 seconds or less.


The doodle connect game is a new digital brain training app that lets you use your creativity to solve puzzles. It has been developed by the team at Doodle Games, which includes some of the best minds in gaming and neuroscience research. 

This makes for an original puzzle experience with more exciting challenges constantly evolving as you progress through levels. You can also play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect if you want to show off your skills! If this sounds like something up your alley, then download it here!