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Dont Tap

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Dont Tap Game is a game that was created to help teach kids how to avoid accidents in the real world. Kids have an increased risk of injury due to being less cautious and more adventurous than adults, so this app can prepare them for the inevitable bumps and bruises they will experience as they grow up.

The Dont Tap Game is designed with three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These different levels allow children of any age or skill level to enjoy the benefits of the game from start to finish without feeling overwhelmed by too many obstacles at once.

It also has fun graphics that are easy on the eyes, making it enjoyable for even those who may not be interested in learning about safety precautions but want something entertaining instead!

About Dont Tap Game

Don’t tap the red dot is a simple game. The player has to click the screen as many times as they can without getting caught. In short, don’t let the timer reach zero, or you’ll lose.

In the game, there are two modes: Classic and Easy. In classic mode, players will have to keep away from the red dot for as long as possible. No timer will be shown in easy mode, and players will have unlimited time to tap away. However, it is easier because two more dots can be tapped, giving three dots for the player to tap on instead of one.

Since its release in October 2014, the game has been played more than one million times. The website gained more than 20 million page views, and it is still growing at a rapid rate.


Dont Tap Game offers much better features than many other online games:

1. No need to download any software/apps since it can be played directly through an internet browser. There is no need to pay for the app, there is no premium version, and it has no in-app purchase.

2. It’s FREE! (Ad supported)

3. Auto detect device resolution – any size screen can play without losing clarity of display. No more suffering from small letters or unattractive graphics because you are playing on a small screen.

4. Available in many languages, thanks to Google Translate: English, Dansk, Nederlands, Deutsch, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Italiano , Français , Português do Brasil , Türkçe , русский, العربية and עברית .

5. Arcade, Classic & Timer game mode – More modes give you more challenge and fun!

6. the essential thing for a mobile game is that it is straightforward to play – Tap the screen anywhere without a restricted zone, and the game will be over.

7. Finger can’t get caught between the screen and body, which is a big problem for many touchscreen games.

8. No network connection required to play: Excellent news for people who live in areas with a weak signal or pay expensive roaming charges when traveling abroad.

9. While playing, you can continue and finish the game anytime, even after accidentally closing it.


Tap the screen to play (Classic Mode only)


A Malaysian indie game developer develops a don’t Tap Game from Miri named Wai Giap Chin with his college mate, Heng Siok Kuan. More information can be found on the website.

How To Play

Being a free online, browser-based game, do not expect too many graphics and sound effects. However, its simple design is attractive to all ages. The timer bar on the top indicated by red color gives players a feeling of suspense while tapping one of the four dots onscreen without getting caught.

Level Of Difficulty

Although Don’t tap the red dot is a straightforward game to play, it will still give you some challenges. When playing at a high difficulty level (Setting’s Classic Mode), players will have to be quick and accurate with tapping on the dots without getting caught by the timer bar.


1. Why is my finger getting caught between the screen and case?

If you are playing the game on your phone, make sure that the screen protector is removed. This can cause the problem of fingers getting caught between screen and body. However, if you play with a tablet or android device without a screen protector, it may not be necessary.

2. Why is the timer bar moving so quickly? I can’t keep up!

When playing at a high difficulty level (Setting’s Classic Mode), players will have to be quick and accurate with tapping on the dots without getting caught by the timer bar. If you are new to this game, playing on a lower difficulty level will give you a better experience.

3. I don’t want to see ads! How can I turn them off?

Currently, there is no option for showing or hiding ads. It will be added in future updates, though. So you need to wait and hope it happen soon.

4. Why is the game called “Dont Tap The Red Dot” when there are only four dots?

When you tap any four dots, a line connects its position with the other three dots. In our opinion, we can also call it ‘Don’t Touch Dots’ as well.


The don’t tap game is a great new release that can be played in many different ways. You will never get bored with this game because it has constant updates, so there’s always something fresh and fun to look forward to!

If you like games where your friends play against each other on the same device or online, then you might want to check out the Party Mode.

This mode lets people from all over compete together for bragging rights and a chance to win some prizes. Do not miss this opportunity; download Dont Tap game here now!