Free Online Dont Freak Out - How To Play Dont Freak Out Like Pro

Dont Freak Out

Free Online Dont Freak Out - How To Play Dont Freak Out Like Pro Click to play
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A new take on the classic Dont Freak Out game, this is a free online game that will help you learn to manage your anxiety.

This interactive program includes tutorials and over 40 levels of mind games designed to ease stress and build self-confidence. It’s perfect for those who suffer from panic attacks or generalized anxiety disorder.

This blog post is about Don’t Freak Out Game, an interactive game with nearly 50 levels of challenging puzzles just for you! Whether you have a generalized anxiety disorder or are prone to panic attacks, these fun challenges can help teach you how to manage your emotions in difficult situations so that they don’t get the best of you.

About Don’t Freak Out Game

Would you please not freak out? Is it a pure logic puzzle game that is, in its essence, straightforward? The game’s rules are such that everything you need to know about it could be predicted by someone with a slightly above average intellect after having paid just a little attention to the rules of the game.

As far as we know, this game was humanity’s first game that was meant to be played by multiple people, and usually, it is also the first online community-based logic puzzle.

So if you are thinking about playing, don’t freak out for the first time, or you already have a friend who loves playing, don’t freak out as much as you do. In this article, we will teach you how to play. Don’t freak out in a way that will allow you and your friend or multiple friends to have the most fun playing. Don’t freak out together.


The main thing about don’t freak out is that there are no complicated rules or controls. The game itself and its interface look as simple as possible to allow even a slightly more advanced person with not much prior knowledge of computers to play it without any problems. That being said, the natural beauty of this game lies in its complexity.

Next to the simplicity of gameplay, don’t freak out allows players to play with friends or even against them if they want to. This creates a perfect environment for players to compete and have fun while doing so.

It is also worth mentioning that there are many variations of this game which makes it highly flexible and at the same time also very simple because all these small changes don’t affect the overall gameplay.

Please don’t freak out is a one-button game; once you enter it and play it for the first time, your computer will ask you to click on the screen with your mouse to start playing.

This clicking on the screen is both random and predictable because specific rules apply to the places where you have to click. Even though it might be random for your first time, if you play this game multiple times, you will start seeing patterns that will allow you to predict where the next blink will appear.


There are two types of controls in don’t freak out. The first one is a mouse click on the screen that starts the game, and the second one is movement keys which allow you to move your marker around once the game has begun.

Contrary to popular belief, this marker can not be controlled by moving your mouse directly, but it always follows your cursor wherever it goes.

At the beginning of the game, you will need to place your cursor in a specific spot on the screen because do not start playing until you click it, but once the game begins, you can move your cursor around, and our marker will be moved there automatically.

The only thing that the player needs to care about is clicking at the right time when blink appears.

The moment you click will be the moment when everything freezes. You can not move your cursor or click your mouse again until the blink stops moving, and that’s it. You are done for this level!

Exclusive content

There is no exclusive content on don’t freak out because it’s a community-based game, so every time someone plays it, then everyone who plays it benefits from that.

Most of the time, you will enjoy playing with people worldwide because don’t freak out is a great way to create new friends, and this is precisely what we would like for you to do!

We hope that by now, you are already convinced about how much fun this game can be, and if you haven’t, then our last segment about the way to play don’t freak out will change your mind.

How To Play “Don’t Freak Out” Like Pro

Learning doesn’t freak out is relatively easy and fun because it uses simple rules which create an exciting result. To learn, don’t freak out like a pro. You will first need to realize that it’s not about trying to win but about trying to have fun, and this is something every single player does, even the least experienced ones!

Here are some simple rules you can use to master don’t freak out like a pro :

  • Never click too fast.
  • Always click on the right spot.
  • It would help if you moved your cursor around on the screen for some time before you can start clicking, don’t freak out need mouse movement to work correctly.

Level of difficulty

Don’t freak out is a simple and enjoyable game that anyone with even basic computer knowledge can play without any problems.

The only thing that might prove to be hard for some people is clicking fast enough. Because there are multiple ways you can play, don’t freak out, we recommend trying all of them to see which ones work best for you and start making the most of your new skill!


Don’t freak out is a new and innovative game that will help you reduce stress with fun, easy-to-play games. It has more than 20 unique mini-games in which the player can compete for high scores or have some casual gaming time alone.

And if your friends want to join in on the action, too, they can do so by playing either against you locally on one device or online through Facebook connect! So don’t wait any longer – download this great app here now!

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