Free Online Do Not Crash Game - How To Play Do Not Crash Game Like Pro

Do Not Crash Game

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Don’t crash game is a challenging and addictive racing game. It’s easy to play but challenging to master. You control a car with simple touch controls: tap the left side of your screen to turn left and tap on the right side of your screen for right turns.

The goal is to not crash into other cars while driving at high speeds down an endless highway. Along the way, you will encounter ramps, sharp turns, potholes, traffic lights, signs, and many more obstacles that make this game so addicting!

Do Not Crash Game is now available for free on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and Android phones and tablets from Frongames

Do Not Crash Game Overview

Do Not Crash Game is a high-speed racer with simple controls. The game has been on the market for several years, but recently it became available for free.

Now you can play it online and do not need to download or install anything on your device. Do not crash is one of the best racing games ever made by Frongames – the company behind other popular games like Frisbee Forever, Do not Tap, and 2Dope Queens.

Venture across a pixelated highway with no end in sight. As you drive on the endless road, you will encounter loops, crazy jumps, and dangerous obstacles that make this game so challenging – but also so addicting!

Your goal is to survive as long as possible while driving at break-neck speed. Collect coins to score points and avoid using your nitro boost unnecessarily.

To control your car, you need to tap on the left or right side of the screen for turns. You will lose if you crash into another vehicle; however, do not worry about it because this game is tough to master. Sometimes you will lose just because the road is too bumpy, or another car crashes into you.

There are also many obstacles like signs, potholes, and traffic lights that appear out of nowhere at high speeds and will cause your instant death if you crash into them.

Free Online Do Not Crash Game – How To Play Do Not Crash Game Like Pro

Step 1: Press the play button. You will land on the main screen of this game, where you can choose your vehicle and decide to play against the computer or with a friend.

Step 2: Select number of players, control scheme (touch controls), and other options like night mode to change the look and feel

Step 3: Tap the circle in the middle of the road to start the race. The countdown will begin, and your vehicle will begin driving straight

Step 4: Wait for the next turn to come up on the screen and tap the left or right side of your screen to steer your car away from oncoming obstacles. 

Step 5: After completing several turns, you might land on a traffic light or an intersection – stop tapping until you cross the junction 

Step 6: Some turns are faster than others. You can use your nitro boost to go even faster – tap and hold on the right side of your screen for this purpose.

Step 7: Repeat steps 2-6 until you crash into something or get tired of playing. 

Beginner Tips

Tip 1: Use the boost to cross intersections without stopping if you are on a time trial

Tip 2: Tap circle in the middle of the road whenever it appears to continue racing 


  • This free online game was built with HTML5. 
  • It runs on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Play Don’t Crash unblocked on any device. 
  • Don’t Crash online is optimized for use on PC, Android, and iOS devices, including tablets and mobile phones. 
  • This game runs directly in your browser – no downloads, no registration, no flash, and no plugins are needed to play.


Do not crash is a simple but addictive game that has been enjoyed for many years. This is an excellent example of how one simple concept can be developed into an addictive game that requires skill to master. It doesn’t have 3d graphics, but it’s still enjoyable to play this thrilling game.