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Danger Ranger

Free Online Danger Ranger - How To Play Danger Ranger Like Pro Click to play
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The Danger Ranger Game is a new and exciting game for young children that builds their bravery to face dangers head-on.

It has been designed by parents, teachers, educators, and child psychologists, perfect for kids of all ages. The game can be played with up to 4 players in an outdoor or indoor environment.

The game’s goal is to collect as many gold coins as possible without being caught by any dangerous ranger’s traps!

Players get one chance each turn to move forward or backward depending on what they roll on their dice; if they are unlucky enough to land on a trap, they have lost that turn because the web takes them away from where they were standing before.

About Danger Ranger Game

Danger Ranger is an addicting skill-based game created by Bombadil, and it is a unique online browser-based game. This Danger ranger online game at first comes to you as relatively easy, but it cannot be accessible after playing for some time. It’s good to know that there are levels of difficulty in this Danger Ranger game.

As you advance in the levels, it becomes harder and harder to master the needed skills to complete a level. But don’t worry, though, because we can guide you through as you play.


Controlling this Danger Ranger is not hard once you know how to play it. Here is the guide on how to handle this game like a pro. The controls are straightforward and straightforward, and they only consist of using the arrow keys and space bar keys on your keyboard.

By using the arrows, you can control where you want to jump from since that is important to win while avoiding any deadly obstacle.

You can also use your keyboard’s up and down arrows for this game because it will help you move freely around without getting stuck or falling off.


The creator of this Danger Ranger game is Bombadil which is an independent developer. In the year 2012, they released their first version of this game online. This Bombadil’s Danger Ranger continues to be updated regularly with new content from time to time.

How To Play Danger Ranger Like Pro?

Danger Ranger is a perfect skill-based game to play online and win. It seems pretty straightforward at first, but it becomes more challenging to move forward in the game as you progress. This is why we are giving you some tips that will help make sure that you succeed in this game as a pro.

As mentioned above, this Danger Ranger has different difficulty levels, which means that you will need to learn distinct techniques for each level before moving on to the next one. Here are some of the tips and tricks for this game:

Practice Makes Perfect

If one thing can help you win in this Danger Ranger, it would be practice. You may not master all the levels in the first three levels, but the more you play them, the better you will become at controlling your jumps.

In fact, with continued practice, you can jump from a helicopter to a building in this game without getting hurt. The time it will take for you to master all the jumping techniques and to land should not be longer than a few weeks.

Learn All The Levels

The best thing you can do for this Danger Ranger game is to learn all the levels by heart. Since there are different techniques that you need to master on each level, you must know them to win this game like a pro successfully.

It will take some time to master every single level, but at least you can start by memorizing the first few levels so that you don’t get stuck there.

Take Your Time

Unless you want to die or lose this game like a pro, take your time playing it. Since one wrong move can cost you your life, you mustn’t rush it. Go slow and make sure that you are doing everything correctly for this game because if you rush, chances are you will end up losing the game or getting hurt.


If you have any questions about this Danger Ranger game, feel free to ask us. We will answer them as fast as we can, and if you do not see the answer on our page, you can contact us by using the comment section below for further assistance. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this game:

How do I play Danger Ranger?

We have a step-by-step guide on how to play this game found in the article above. It includes some general tips with pictures that will help you learn all about it.

How do I contact Bombadil?

The developer of this game has a website available at, and you can visit it to ask any questions or find out more about the game. You can also follow this developer on Twitter if you want to get instant updates about this Danger Ranger and their upcoming matches too.


After reading this post, you should download Danger Ranger here. You can also choose to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect. Hoping you will have great experiences when playing the game at Frongames!