Free Online Dads Long Legs - How To Play Dads Long Legs Like Pro

Dads Long Legs

Free Online Dads Long Legs - How To Play Dads Long Legs Like Pro Click to play
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Dads Long Legs is a game that will help you get out of your monotonous routine by having fun with your kids. The game is played on the dining room table and features two players, one being “Dads” long legs and “Kids.”

The goal of this game is to see how many points each player gets before time runs out. Kids use their hands to move Dad’s long legs as quickly as possible without hitting any obstacles, which are represented by saltine cracker challenges set up for them.

The first person to reach 100 points wins! This simple yet entertaining game allows children to have a good laugh while also learning about strategy.

About Dads Long Legs Game

Dads Long Legs is an action-puzzle game that presents a unique challenge to players. Your goal in the game is to collect all the stars on each stage while avoiding being caught by your mean neighbor who wants to see you and eat you.

The premise of the game Dad’s Long Legs is simple: your dad has been turned into a spider, and he is now forced to climb on walls to escape his hungry neighbor.


Enjoy challenging action-puzzle gameplay set in a beautiful cartoon world.

Avoid enemies and obstacles by adjusting the direction Dad is moving at a given moment.

Collect all the stars to advance from one level to another in this unique action-puzzle game.


Use your left hand to touch and drag up or down on the screen to move the spider. You may also use your right hand to touch and drag from side to side of the screen.

How To Play

As a general rule, you need to gather all-stars to unlock new levels within this game. However, each level comes with a different specific challenge. Sometimes, the objective is to reach the elevator door to escape your neighbor.

Other times you’ll have to survive a certain number of minutes while collecting stars and avoiding enemies or obstacles along the way. You may also have to outrun your enemy by reaching the top of the level in this game.

Levels Of Difficulty

The levels in Dads Long Legs offer a lot of variety. In the beginning, you may find it challenging to gather all stars on each level.

However, with practice and patience, you will eventually be able to master this unique action-puzzle game. There are easy, medium, and countless complex numbers of levels in Dad’s Long Legs.

For example, some of the early manageable levels you should be able to beat without much hassle. The first twenty-five medium difficulty levels may take a couple of tries, and they are not too difficult either. You will need to get familiar with its gameplay mechanics to do well at this game, as it gets hard at later levels.


What are the controls in Dad’s Long Legs?

All you need to do is drag up or down on your screen with your left hand and then drag from side to side with your right hand. You may also use one finger instead of two if you wish.

How do I beat Dad’s Long Legs?

The most important thing is to be patient and work through the early levels. Learn how to master the game’s controls before pressing on.

What are the features of this action-puzzle game?

The best part about Dad’s Long Legs is that it offers a lot of variety. The levels get more challenging as you progress through the game, but it’s easy to find one that is challenging and fun for players of all skill levels.

There are also plenty of objectives in this game, not just collecting stars. Sometimes your goal may be to outrun your enemy or reach an elevator before time runs out.


If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends and family, try out Dads long legs. This app is constantly evolving and provides hours of entertainment-plus your kids will love it!

Download Dad’s long legs today at the Apple App Store or Google Play store to start playing against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect. You can also download this game here if that’s easier for you.