Free Online Cute Memo Game - How To Play Cute Memo Game Like Pro

Cute Memo Game

Free Online Cute Memo Game - How To Play Cute Memo Game Like Pro Click to play
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The Cute Memo Game will help you train your brain. Match cute bunnies, tiny chicklets, and other adorable animals. You’ll be testing your memory on different levels using cute animal images. There’s always a surprise underneath every card.

You can match the pairs as quickly as possible and get the highest score! The Cute Memo memory game is simple. It’s a basic memory game. It consists of a 3×3 matrix. Your score will increase the faster you complete each round. Let’s check out this game at Frongames now. 

Cute Memo Game Overview

In Cute Memo Game, you will be presented with 24 pairs of animals. There are 6 rows and 3 columns for each level. Every memory game consists of 2 parts: training and testing; In the practice run before the test, all cards will be exposed to give you the chance to get familiarized with it. After every 5 successful games, you can get bonus games.

Free Online Cute Memo Game – How To Play Cute Memo Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the “Play” to start this game.

Step 2: Choose the game mode. There are three different levels to choose from: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The more complicated the game level is, the more complex images you will be given, appearing faster than the lower level. 

Step 3: Matching cards with similar images placed one card above or below each other horizontally or vertically as quickly as possible. The more the card matches, get the higher score. Simple and fast is the key to success in this game. 

Step 4: After every five successful games, a bonus game will be presented with a time limit of one minute. It would help if you matched all animal pairs before the timer runs out.

Beginner Tips

1. the essential thing you need to know is that the cards will move faster and faster after each successful game, so be fast. When you don’t get matched correctly, make sure you recheck the card pairs as they could have possibly moved due to their speed.

2. You are given a chance to match all possible pairs before the bonus game. Make sure you check out all cards and get a higher score.

3. Don’t forget to use the hint button when you are stuck at some point, which will help you to guess one of the card panels by just clicking on it.


1. This is a free online cute memo game, can be played on any device such as a smartphone or tablet.

2. Easy to play and simple cute memo game suitable for anyone. It’s very addictive!

3. Easy to share your score on social media

4. Not limit the practice time

5. Each successful match brings additional points to your point total and raises your score.

6. The game comes with beautiful backgrounds and cute sounds.


Overall We give this cutest memo game four stars. We would recommend this cute memo game to anyone, perfect for all ages and especially children who need time to learn about shapes, colors, animals, and other objects. This is a great way to start!