Free Online Crazy Colors Game - How To Play Crazy Colors Game Like Pro

Crazy Colors Game

Free Online Crazy Colors Game - How To Play Crazy Colors Game Like Pro Click to play
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Crazy Colors is a simple but fun game that is played with two colors. You have to make a row of one color, then switch to the other and create another row. The first person to create four rows wins!

This blog post aims to show how easy it is for players of all ages to play Crazy Colors online on their computers or mobile device using our app, which makes it easier than ever before. All they need to do is click to Play button to play this game at Frongames.

Crazy Colors Game Overview

Crazy Colors is a matching game in which the player has to switch between two colors and make rows of the same color. If four such rows are created, it wins the level. Each new group requires a new strategy for making combinations. There are two modes in this game Timed Mode and Survival Mode.

The Crazy colors game aims to be the first player to win four times on a level. As levels increase, the selection of game pieces also increases, which makes it more difficult for the players to make combinations.

The controls of the game are straightforward. All you have to do is switch between two colors when you see a new color piece on board and create a row of one color, and then switch to the other color and create a row.

An elegant yet simple scoring system is used in this game. The player who created more rows wins, or if the number of rows between players is identical, then points are compared, and the player with the higher score wins. If both have equal scores, the next level has to be played again for winning it.

Free Online Crazy Colors Game – How To Play Crazy Colors Game Like Pro

Click on “Play” to start playing the game.

The game doesn’t allow you to make a row using the same color twice in a level, so one has to select a new color whenever they see two similar colors next to each other.

You can switch between rows of different colors by simply clicking on an empty area of the board. Likewise, it is also possible to select a row of similar color by clicking on any part of that color.

As you can see in the above picture, there are many different colors available, making it difficult for a player to make four rows. However, if game pieces are correctly arranged, then one is sure to win the level.

After completing every third level, the player is rewarded with life. If game pieces are lost, you can purchase those from the shop using points that you win in this game. You can also use stars to buy new colors for playing this fantastic game.


  • Work on all devices with any screen size.
  • Online, offline modes are available for playing this game.
  • Crazy Colors is compatible with all browsers on PC, Laptops, and Macs.
  • There is no need to install any app or software to play it.


This puzzle game involves concentration and skill in planning the moves. You can win this game if you apply logic and think smartly. This is a very similar type of game to Candy Crush, so one will not find it challenging to play this extraordinary puzzle game. What are you waiting for? Just click on that “Play” button below to start playing Crazy Colors online right away!