Free Online Crazy Birds - How To Play Crazy Birds Like Pro

Crazy Birds

Free Online Crazy Birds - How To Play Crazy Birds Like Pro Click to play
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The Crazy Birds game is a popular mobile app and has now been released as an online game. The gameplay of the game follows the same concept as Angry Birds, but with a new twist.

Players must guide their birds through various levels to rescue trapped baby chicks from the evil pigs who have taken them hostage.

The goal of each level is to defeat all of the pigs by firing bird-shaped objects at them before they can reach your flock’s nest, which will then advance you to the next level. This addictive game offers hours of entertainment and challenges for players looking for something new in their lives!

About Crazy Birds Game

Free Online Crazy Birds is a very addictive and entertaining game that will help you to entertain yourself. You have to shoot at the birds which are flying around in the sky.

As they are flying crazy, it becomes more difficult for you to shoot them down. The more you play this fantastic game, the better you get at it. It plays a perfect role in the improvement of your concentration, reflexes.


To play this game, you will use your mouse and left click to shoot on the birds. The better you get at it, the higher your score is.


Crazy Birds Online was developed by Nobstudio Corporation. This fantastic company has also developed several other addicting games like Super Mario Games and Crazy Frog Games.

How To Play Crazy Birds Like Pro

Just follow the steps given below to play this fantastic game.

First of all, you have to visit Google and search for “free online crazy birds.” After that, open it, download it and install it on your computer.

Whenever you feel depressed or bored, go on playing this mind-blowing game to give you a break from monotonous work.

As it contains many levels, you can enjoy it deeply whenever you feel tired or bored. Just press pause and continue after some time.

You need not spend money on buying any other game as this fantastic game is available for free of cost at the Google Play Store. It is an exciting game which you will like to play daily.

Levels of Difficulty

This game has various levels which anyone can play. This will help you to increase your concentration and reflexes. You will have to use your mouse and left-click on the bird to shoot it down before hitting the ground or water.

The speed with which these birds fly is very high, so it is pretty tricky for you to shoot them down. Many people find this game very challenging, but if you try hard, I am sure that you will be able to enjoy the game entirely.


Crazy Birds is a game that will make you forget the stresses of everyday life. It’s fun and constantly evolving, so it never gets old.

In fact, with each new level, your birds grow more powerful than before! You can play against friends on the same device or online if you connect to Facebook. So download this excellent app today for free in the App Store or Google Play Market!