Free Online Crazy Birds 2 - How To Play Crazy Birds 2 Like Pro

Crazy Birds 2

Free Online Crazy Birds 2 - How To Play Crazy Birds 2 Like Pro Click to play
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The new Crazy Birds 2 game is out and it’s hotter than ever! This addicting puzzle game has taken the world by storm with its crazy yet oddly satisfying gameplay.

With a variety of levels to choose from, there are many hours of entertainment ahead for you. This blog post will show you how to download the app so that your phone or tablet can have some fun too!

Check out our article now to find out more about this great new release!

About Crazy Birds 2 Game

Crazy Birds 2 is a 3D action game where you play the role of a crazy bird and shoot down other birds to gain points with different weapons.

The levels are designed in an open arena style with simple graphics but lots of fun actions and challenges. Some games have better objectives than others; as such, Crazy Birds 2 has multiple purposes.

Read on to learn how to play like a pro.


Crazy Birds 2 has so many features of all sorts, but here are some more important ones. Crazy Birds 2 is a free online game that you can play if your browser is open. It would help if you used the arrows to move the bird and shoot with the space bar.

The challenge comes in when you have to control both the direction of the bird and the weapon. There are numerous weapons to use in Crazy Birds 2, like laser guns, flamethrowers, homing guns, and more. The other fun part is that you race against time when playing this game and only limited lives.


Since Crazy Birds 2 is a 3D game, you can control it in three different ways:

  • Move the bird with your mouse to get the best view of what’s happening on screen.
  • You can use the arrow keys instead of moving your cursor around.
  • For more challenges, hold down shift and W or D to steer the bird.


Crazy Birds 2 is prevalent, and the game was coded by a Russian-based Yura School, also known as yuriy101sch. He has created many games like this one, including Crazy Birds 1, Artic Piglet, Zombie VS Human, and more.

How To Play

Crazy Birds 2 is a very straightforward game to play. You shoot other birds in an arena-style with several different weapons for lots of fun and challenges. It offers you levels of difficulty you can choose from easy up to crazy.

In the game, you first choose your weapon and then click shoot. The bird travels straight until it hits something or someone or is killed by another player. You can also stop shooting with the space bar if you don’t want to continue attacking. To control the direction of your aim, hold down shift and use W to steer left or D to steer right.

Levels of Difficulty

Crazy Birds 2 has ten levels, each more difficult than the last with a different background and enemies. There are also 15 new weapons to unlock in this crazy bird game, so you can gain level as you play and even win fabulous prizes like t-shirts or hats.


My birds get killed so fast. How can I make them last longer?

This is slightly complicated, but you need to change the controls a little bit. Press Q and set it for Auto-aim instead of moving your mouse around.

Then move your cursor to higher up on the screen accordingly. By doing this, your bird will not move around but stay facing the enemy. This is slightly harder, but it works and lasts longer, so you can rack up points.

How do I unlock more weapons?

You have to kill other players a certain number of times before giving you their weapon to use as your own. The more complex the level, the more weapons you get.

What happens after all levels are complete?

After completing all crazy bird two levels, there is no other way to play the game. All that is left for your enjoyment is new challenges and power-ups to use when playing like a pro.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun new game with plenty of challenges and ways to play, Crazy Birds 2 is a perfect choice. It has more variety than its predecessor but still maintains that same sense of humor that made it so famous in the first place.

The best part about this game? You can enjoy it on your own or against friends by connecting through Facebook! If you want to download Crazy Birds 2 for yourself, click here. But before then, be sure not to make these mistakes while playing the game!