Free Online Cooking Game - How To Play Cooking Game Like Pro

Cooking Game

Free Online Cooking Game - How To Play Cooking Game Like Pro Click to play
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In this cooking game, you will learn how to cook delicious recipes. You will have the opportunity to enjoy various types of food and earn points by completing each recipe. The more complex the formula, the higher your score will be!

Recipes range from simple dishes like scrambled eggs and tuna salad sandwiches to elaborate dishes like crab cakes with mango salsa or beef bourguignon. As a bonus for severe players about their culinary skills, a challenge option also allows you to create your custom dish! Ready? Let’s get started cooking at Frongames with us. 

Cooking Game Overview

As you can see from the screenshot above, there is much great stuff in this cooking game. Here are some of its features:

There are multiple options for playing the game, including Practice Mode (for practicing recipes), Quick Play (for quick access to any recipe at any time), and Challenge Mode (that allows you to create your custom recipe.) You can also select the number of players and adjust individual player cooking times.

Recipes vary in difficulty (and a greater difficulty level means more points!) Different types of food include sandwiches, main meat dishes, poultry, seafood, and desserts. There is an option to view community tips! 

Free Online Cooking Game – How To Play Cooking Game Like Pro

Click “PLAY” to start

The banner above provides an option to play the game. Click on it, and you will be directed to a new screen that allows you to choose between different gameplay modes. 

Choose your mode of play!

(If you are already logged into this website, there is also an option for you to play Cooking Game directly from your account page.)

The Mode of Play drop-down menu allows you to choose between Practice, Quick Play, and Challenge Modes. For now, we will select Practice.

Now that you know the basics of playing Cooking Game, in the following sections, you will find some helpful tips for beginners.

Beginner Tips

The most important thing to know in this cooking game is that you will need to understand the recipe instructions to succeed. Even if the recipe seems simple at first, you must pay close attention to each step!

Once your clock starts counting down for a particular step in Practice Mode, you may not move on until you complete that part of the recipe.

To prepare a pork chop, you should cut it into thin slices and place it in a hot frying pan with some salt and pepper.


There are many different types of dishes to make, including:

  • Meats – meat entrees such as not-so-easy roast chicken or super simple scrambled eggs. 
  • Poultry – chicken and duck recipes for those people who like the white meat 
  • Seafood – making tasty shrimp with avocado dip or tuna with mayonnaise Desserts – delicious ice cream recipe with chocolate sauce and other sweet treats. 


Cooking Game is a free online cooking game that will allow you to taste different types of food while developing your culinary skills. Whether you are looking for a quick recipe to make for lunch or dinner, or if you want something more challenging than practice mode, there is plenty of options available in this cooking game!