Free Online Cookie Crush - How To Play Cookie Crush Like Pro

Cookie Crush

Free Online Cookie Crush - How To Play Cookie Crush Like Pro Click to play
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Cookie Crush is a game where you must strategically place the cookies on the board to match three or more of the same kind. The object of Cookie Crush is to remove as many cookies from play as possible, and after every move, new one’s dropdown.

You have bonus points for matching four in a row, and if you can’t make any moves without getting stuck, it’s game over!

The game was created by King Digital Entertainment Limited and has been available for download since December 2010. It features original music and various sound effects that help keep players engaged through their gameplay experience.

About Cookie Crush Game

Cookie Crush is an adventurous puzzle game. In Cookie Crush, you have to crush cookies to move forward in the game and earn points. In each level of this Puzzle Game, different Cookies will hinder your progress or help you complete a level. You can unlock new levels by completing the predefined tasks in the previous levels.


1) 80+ Exciting Cookies to Crush

2) 160+ Unique and Challenging Levels

3) Simple and Easy controls.

4) Cookie Crushing For All Ages, Kids, and Adults.

5) Unique Gameplay of Swapping the Cookies.

6) Leaderboards Will keep you in Pace with other players around the world.


Basic controls are mouse click and touch to play with mobile.

Select a Cookie by touching it or using the arrow key on your keyboard, then drag it in another cookie and release to crush them both.

This is an awesome way of playing Cookie Crush Game as you get a chance to overcome 2-4 cookies at once and get more points.

Move to the next level by crushing the cookies laid out in a particular format and reach for your target score within the given period.

All levels of this Cookie Crush Game are categorized based on its difficulty. Easy, Medium, and Hard Levels will keep you hooked to play more.

It is straightforward to play this game as you have to touch the screen or use arrow keys on your keyboard and crush cookies with it.


This is a game developed by Defined Games. Cookie Crush is available for you online to play on its website free of cost.

How To Play Cookie Crush Like Pro

It is straightforward to play Cookie Crush Game. Just go on its website and Login or Sign up for playing this game in your browsers. This is a fun-filled puzzle game to play.

Different types of cookies come along with each level, wherein you have to crush all the cookies by swapping one cookie with the adjacent one.

So, whenever you complete one level and unlock the next level, you will learn about all the different cookies for that particular level.

The levels of this game are categorized based on its difficulty, accessible medium, and complexity. There are 160 unique and challenging levels in Cookie Crush Game.

When a player plays this game, he should follow some principles targeted below to play the game professionally.

1) You have to crush one cookie with the adjacent one only. It is not necessary that you must swap cookies with all cookies which are present on their board.

2) There will be various cookies with each level, wherein players should find out the best matches.

3) You have to find out the most matches to complete a level and unlock the next level. Avoid getting stuck at one place or keep returning on the same cookie board again and again.

4) You have to think, analyze each cookie board that comes along with each period. Also, you can see various types of cookies based on their shape and property, which differ from one another.

5) You have to use hints if you get stuck at the same place more than 3-4 times.

6) It is also mandatory that you have to complete a level as soon as possible. The faster player will earn more points, rewards and will get one point towards the overall score.

7) Always select a cookie by touching it. It is unnecessary to use your mouse to choose a cookie, but if you already use the mouse, go for it.

8) Do not click on any other option except crushing cookies unless and until you are asked to do so.

9) Follow the basic rules of Puzzle Games to complete a level and unlock the next level.

10) You have to follow all these principles and rules while playing this game on your browser, Android, Windows, or IOS-based devices.


What is the target score, and how will I get it?

The target score is the number you have to reach to complete a level and unlock the next level.

Can I follow my teammate’s performance who has played Cookie Crush Game?

Yes, it is possible that you can see your teammates’ performance details along with your performance details at the starting of each period.

How to earn stars for my team?

Your performance decides your Team Stars, and if you have won all the levels with high scores, then there is a good chance that you can get more stars than was possible earlier. The more score you get, the higher will be your team stars.


If you enjoy a challenging and constantly evolving game, then Cookie Crush might be just the thing for you.

You will have to think fast about how best to utilize your limited moves to clear as many cookies from the screen as possible, but this shouldn’t dissuade you if you are looking for a fun time waster!

One of its biggest draws is that it can be played against friends on the same device or over Facebook connect. Frongames has some other great games if you like playing with puzzles too. We hope this review helped answer any questions about what makes Cookie Crush so special!