Free Online Cookie Crush 3 Game - How To Play Cookie Crush 3 Game Like Pro

Cookie Crush 3 Game

Free Online Cookie Crush 3 Game - How To Play Cookie Crush 3 Game Like Pro Click to play
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Cookie Crush 3 is a new puzzle game that can be played on your mobile device for free. The game’s goal is to match three or more cookies to clear them from the screen and beat any stage you are currently playing. In this blog post, Frongames will discuss how this game works and why it’s so addicting!

Free Online Cookie Crush 3 Game – How To Play Cookie Crush 3 Game Like Pro

1. First, click and hold an initial cookie of the same color as your ball. It will fall into the field below, starting a chain reaction with other cookies of the same color. You need to keep your finger on the first cookie until it hits something.

2. When a cookie hits another cookie or the bottom of the grid, it will break into two cookies of the same color. In this chain reaction, these new cookies act as regular cookies. They can fall immediately and generate yet more cookies when they hit something. You know when you have a set going because all of the cookies will have a glowing ring around them.

3. If you can make a set of 4 or more cookies of the same color fall into the bottom, it will disappear and give you points; this is your goal in this game.

4. Keep making sets until one remains on the screen at the end of your turn, then tap the “Continue” button to move onto the next level.


  • More than 700 different sugary delights
  • Boosters that can clear away treats and produce unique effects
  • To earn gold and to buy boosters, complete the levels.
  • Daily rewards


Cookie Crush 3 Game online is a very addictive game that you can play with your family and friends; this game has a unique idea and is full of action. And I promise that if you play it once, you will be addicted, so beware of that.