Free Online Circle Circus Game - How To Play Circle Circus Game Like Pro

Circle Circus Game

Free Online Circle Circus Game - How To Play Circle Circus Game Like Pro Click to play
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Circle Circus is a fun game. Players are given the goal of collecting as many points as possible by throwing their balls into different hoops. Each hoop has its point value, and it takes time for players to learn how to get more points. The highest score wins. In this blog post, Frongames will list some essential tips for beginners to win at Circle Circus!

Free Online Circle Circus Game – How To Play Circle Circus Game Like Pro

The first step in playing the game is to choose a character. The choices are clown, girl, or boy, and each one has different characteristics.

A female will have more weight to throw around while male characters can jump higher than women and vice versa. Clowns move faster but stop sooner after throwing the ball into the hoop.

As this game is about learning how to get higher scores, beginners should start with a male character and a hooping location that scores 100 points.

Players are ready to play after choosing their character and the hoop they want to throw the ball into; players are prepared to play!

The game starts by throwing the ball into the ring. After getting their first shot in, players will move left or right on the platform.

This is when beginners need to learn how to jump as that will make them move faster. However, jumping uses energy which will eventually run out if players overuse it.

Moving from left and right doesn’t consistently score points. Players will need to throw the ball into a hoop again to make their issues arise. When moving from left and right, players will encounter different objects.

The first one is other hoops that scoreless fewer points but can still help beginners get used to throwing the ball into them.

Players shouldn’t avoid these hoops as they offer a way of making the gameplay easier. The next object that players will encounter is the black hole that depletes energy and instantly scores points when coming in contact with it.

Circles on the ground constitute round platforms and allow players to jump from them. Longer jumps mean faster movement, more points for throwing into hoops, and a long way of evading black holes.


This game has several features that will make it easier for players to play and master the gameplay at the same time. The first is a favorites option which allows players to save their favorite settings–character, hoop, black hole, and ground objects.

This feature is essential as beginners may want to avoid black holes or specific hooping locations, and changing settings will become tedious.

Circle Circus has a few more features that are helpful for beginners. There is an option to turn off the energy depletion (which makes players stop moving after jumping) and slow down the game speed, which allows them to take their time when doing something challenging.

Tips for Beginner Players

Circle Circus offers a few straightforward tips that can make anyone better at the game. First, players should use their characters to the best of their abilities.

If they are male, they should jump higher and move faster, but this shouldn’t be an issue if they are female. Players should also see how long it takes them to get from a hoop to the next one and then use that knowledge to their advantage. Players should also learn how to jump and which objects they can pass by.

Circle Circus Game Online is straightforward to master, thanks to its excellent, minimal graphics and fluid gameplay. The game has been made for everyone, from kids (as many colorful objects may attract them) to adults who want to pass some time with a fun, simple game.

Circle Circus is an online game which means there will be new characters and objects added over time. It also means that players may encounter slower servers or lag, and this shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying the game as it is free anyway.


This game is perfect for anyone who wants to play something fun and straightforward. It can be played on the go, on the train, or at home when there’s nothing better to do. Circle Circus offers a little bit of everything: it is fun and light-hearted and challenging enough to keep players interested.