Free Online Circle Pond - How To Play Circle Pond Like Pro

Circle Pond

Free Online Circle Pond - How To Play Circle Pond Like Pro Click to play
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Circle pond is a new game by a studio called “No. 2 Games” that’s coming out in 2020. It seems to be an adventure-quest type game where you explore the world and complete quests for various NPCs, earning experience points and money.

From what I can tell so far, this will be an open-world RPG with possibly some exploration elements.

The graphics are pretty good, and it looks like they’re aiming for more of an immersive First Person experience than anything else, which is something I think gamers will appreciate after playing several games where the camera feels too detached from the action on-screen (see Skyrim).

About Circle Pond Game

Circle Pond is a free online game that is played on your browser and can be played easily. It’s not simply a mini-game as it includes different types of games – arcade, adventure, and action-packed multiplayer game modes. 3D style graphics enhance the gaming experience of players.

It’s straightforward to play Circle Pond. You need to place the mouse over a circle and drag it towards another circle. You will get a score if you make contact with any other circles. The player who gets more scores in the stipulated time is declared the winner.


Various modes of play: Circle Pond game offers three different varieties of games – Arcade, Adventure, and Multiplayer mode allowing users to play the game in three different styles.

The number of circles: 100 circles fall from top to bottom on your computer screen as you play Circle Pond. When all the circles have reached the bottom side or a set time limit is over, the game is over.

Free to play: It’s free, and anyone can play it online without paying a single penny.

Levels Of Difficulty

Circle Pond game is available in three different levels of difficulty, which players may play according to their convenience – easy, medium, and hard.

There are no additional costs involved in playing this game except the time you spend playing it. Controls You’ll find the following commands on the screen of your computer while playing the Circle Pond game – mouse and drag direction.


A1 Games develop circle Pond. The company has its website, which can be visited for any inquiry related to the game or the gaming process in general.

How To Play Circle Pond Like Pro

This section will guide you on how to play this exciting game easily like a pro. If you follow the instructions given below, you will play Circle Pond like a pro.

Step 1: Set Up Controls

When first starting this game, controlling the circles as they drop from top to bottom of your computer screen would seem very confusing. But if you have enough concentration and practice, then holding them should be no problem for you.

Step 2: Knowledge About The Game

The circle Pond game is played with the help of a mouse. You have to drag circles towards each other. Circles will get disappeared as they make contact, and you’ll earn points on your scorecard in the process. This makes the Circle pond game very interesting and addictive.

Step 3: Play The Game

After getting a thorough knowledge of how this game works, playing it would be no problem for you. You can play the game according to your choice and convenience.


The Circle Pond game has been an ongoing project for over a year, and the developers are excited to release it. It’s free-to-play with in-app purchases of coins that can be earned through playing or purchased directly if you don’t want to wait.

Although it is still early days for this new gaming experience, we have high hopes for its potential! We recommend downloading Circle Pond (link below) now so that you can start building your pond empire right away!