Free Online Circle Pond Lite - How To Play Circle Pond Lite Like Pro

Circle Pond Lite

Free Online Circle Pond Lite - How To Play Circle Pond Lite Like Pro Click to play
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Circle Pond Lite Game is the perfect game for a lazy Saturday afternoon. It’s so much fun to sit back, relax and watch your furry friends play in the pond all day long!

The best part about this game is that it doesn’t require any of your input. You have to click start and then let Circle Pond Lite Game take care of the rest.

I recommend playing this game on a laptop or desktop computer because laptops are more comfortable than tablets which can be hard on your arms while holding them up for an extended period. I hope that you enjoy this great little time-waster as much as I do!

About Circle Pond Lite Game

Circle Pond Lite is a simple game, but it takes a little time.

You have to use the direction arrows for the board moving or jumping to catch the blue ball and avoid red balls.

The first level of Circle Pond Lite will give you tips and instructions on playing the game. Beyond that, it’s a lot like the classic game of Frogger.

This is a straightforward but running, jumping, and avoiding obstacles game. This game aims to eat as much food as possible while dodging the baddies trying to catch/kill you.

You have two options when playing Circle Pond Lite: the first one is to control your character’s movements by moving anywhere on the screen, and the other is to use a joystick that will appear on the screen.


  • Different characters to play.
  • Lots of different map levels.
  • Randomly generated maps.
  • Highscores for each character and level.


Left and right arrow keys – moves the player space bar – jumps developer.

How To Play

Circle Pond Lite is a 2014 online and mobile running, jumping, and avoiding obstacles game. At first glance, it appears to be a standard side-scrolling platformer, but it quickly becomes apparent that this is something different.

The controls for Circle Pond Lite are simple: you move anywhere on the screen by using the directional arrow keys and jump by pressing the space bar. Circle Pond Lite is a free game you can play online or on your mobile phone, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot!

Levels Of Difficulty

1. Avoid Red Balls And Eat Food

Avoiding red balls and eating food grants points that help you level up.

2. Jump On Moving Logs

Jumping on moving logs will grant you points. Be careful not to fall into the water!

3. Collect All The Golden Eggs On Each Level

Collecting all the golden eggs on each level unlocks bonus levels and increases your score multiplier.

4. Avoid Hungry Crocodiles

Watch out for hungry crocodiles; they’re always on the prowl.

5. Jump Over Lava Pits

Certain levels have lava pits that you need to jump over to survive, so make sure that your jumps are accurate!


What is Circle Pond Lite?

Circle Pond Lite is a free running and jumping game for iOS, PC, and Android devices. It’s a side-scrolling platform game where you control a stickman to make it to the end of the level alive.

How many levels are there in Circle Pond Lite?

Circle Pond Lite features over 50 different levels for you to play across three increasingly difficult modes: Easy, Medium, or Hard. New levels are added with every update, meaning you’ll have plenty of new areas to explore.

How do I advance through the levels?

To advance through the different levels in Circle Pond Lite, you need to complete each level without dying. Each time you die, you will re-spawn at a checkpoint on the map that is slightly closer to the end of your previous level.

The same is applied each time you complete a level: by completing a level, you will be placed at a checkpoint closer to the next one and given an extra life.


Circle Pond Lite is a lite game that has been designed to provide an entertaining experience for all ages. With the help of Facebook connect, you can play against friends on different devices or online at the same time without having to download anything else.

It’s easy enough for young children and offers challenges for more experienced gamers alikeā€”the perfect mix! Give it a try today by downloading Circle Pond Lite here. We hope you find this game as fun and addictive as we do!