Free Online Chess Game - How To Play Chess Game Like Pro

Chess Game

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Chess game is a board game between two players originated in India and has been widely played for centuries. It’s one of the most popular mind games in the world.

Chess is an ancient game, with connections to backgammon, chaturanga (The ancestor of Chess), shatranj (the middle-eastern precursor of Chess), and Xiangqi (a similar game from China). Today, people play the game for fun, as well as for competition. And this game is available on Frongames now. 

Free Online Chess Game – How To Play Chess Game Like Pro

Chess is played on a board with 64 squares of alternating color. The board looks like this:

The pieces are made up of 16 different types, each type having its movement properties. Firstly, you need to know some rules in this game. 

Chess pieces

The pawn 

The Pawn can only move forward. It has a maximum of two diagonal steps each turn and then one forwards step. This allows the Pawn to reach the furthest four squares on its first move, but it’s not uncommon for a Pawn to get stuck at the back of the board later in the game.

The queen 

The queen is the most powerful piece in the game. The queen can move freely forwards, backward, and sideways. It’s not uncommon for a player to lose because their queen was taken or blocked by an opponent, leaving them unable to protect their King from the attack.

The knight 

Knights can move over other pieces once per turn but never jump over friendly pieces. They can get into some advantageous positions, and it’s not uncommon for both players to have Knights left on the board when checkmate is finished (assuming neither King has been taken).

The bishop 

Bishops move diagonally. The trick about bishops is that they can move along a line of squares, ignoring pieces of either color in between them. These moves are mighty when they can be appropriately used, and the player’s Bishop positioning during the middle game is essential.

Important Chess situations

Check the situation when an opponent’s piece is attacking a king.

Checkmate: This occurs when the player moves to put their King in a position that can be taken. There are many ways this can happen (see middlegame for details), but the most common way is when one King is blocked by pieces of either color on all squares around, and there isn’t another path of movement for him.

Stalemate: This occurs when one player has no legal moves. This can only happen to the King (because of the special rules about moving in and out of check).

A stalemate is a draw unless it’s the third consecutive time this has happened during the game for one particular person. Then, they lose.

The game’s goal is to checkmate the other King, but if that can’t be achieved, then a stalemate must occur for one player first.

Two special moves in Chess

There are two special moves in Chess that only allow themselves to happen once per game. If either occurs again, it’s illegal and will result in a loss for the person that moved without using these particular moves.

The first is castling and involves moving your King’s two squares towards one of his rooks (the pieces that look like castles) and then putting the rook in between them on any empty square.

The King may not move out of this position until he moves again or is taken from his movement.

The second special move involves moving your Bishop and King in one turn. These two pieces may be on the same space at once, and the bishop can still be moved diagonally even if they are both on the same square.


While Chess has been played for a long time and is still being played today, there are also many variants of the game which have different rules or pieces.

The most common derivative is Shogi from Japan (which uses Samurai in place of Rooks), but there are many others.

Chess is an abstract strategy game with two players. It requests player must have a good strategy and correct way.