Free Online Cherry Pie Master Game - How To Play Cherry Pie Master Game Like Pro

Cherry Pie Master Game

Free Online Cherry Pie Master Game - How To Play Cherry Pie Master Game Like Pro Click to play
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Cherry Pie Master Game is a free online game where you have to make your Cherry pies. When I played this game, there were a lot of varieties of pastries. The game requires a few minutes of patience as it sometimes gets confusing when making the dough, but once you master the recipe, you will continue playing the game. Let’s relax with this game at Frongames.

Free Online Cherry Pie Master Game – How To Play Cherry Pie Master Game Like Pro

When you start playing the game, you begin by picking your pastries. You can choose between a variety of pastry from cookies to desserts and ice creams. I decided on fruit pies which are one of my favorite desserts, especially when I was young.

Next, you will find a recipe on how to make cherry pie on your screen. The ingredients are Dough, Filling (Cherry & fruit), Sugar, and Cherry Pie Topper.

The cherry pie topper is the best part of the recipe as you will decorate your pastry with different colors and designs. If you like adding some sprinkles on top or add a drop shadow effect using shadow and glow for the cherry pie topper, you can do that.

When it’s time to bake your pastry, a pop-up will appear on your screen about Baker Mode. The Baker mode gives you an option to personalize the crust of your pie by choosing different designs such as spots or even add some fancy streaks on top of your crust.

When you are done, the game will ask for a name for your pastry and if you want to share it or not on social media. Finally, you can play the game by clicking the Play Button.

There are also challenges in this game: you have to make new recipes every week, so it is excellent for people who don’t like to make the same pastry every time. You can also go back and check your pies in the challenges section or even re-edit them if you already did it before.

The levels are based on pastries that you made, so when I played, there was a total of 50 levels to complete in one round, and you have to gain points from your pastries.

Time is another challenge in the game, so you will have to take the time with care when baking your pie. The point system gives a maximum of 100 points, but if it is tough to make a particular recipe, the game will provide more minor issues.


Cherry Pie Master Game is a perfect game to play online. I would give this game a 5/5 because it’s very challenging, and each time you make a new pastry for the challenges or just for fun, it brings up that feeling of pride when you know you made something great on your own.