Free Online Cave Dweller - How To Play Cave Dweller Like Pro

Cave Dweller

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Cave Dweller is a game that challenges players to explore an underground world in search of treasures and adventure. They must avoid dangerous enemies, collect powerups, and reach the exit to win.

Two students made the game at Brown University interested in studying how games are designed for different people with different interests.

Cave dweller is an exploration-based platforming video game created by two Brown University students as part of their study on how games are designed for different audiences with different interests.

Players play as either a wizard or knight character who must navigate through cave levels to find treasure chests filled with powerups while avoiding dangerous enemies such as bats, spiders, or dragons.

About Cave Dweller Game

Cave Dweller is an arcade game developed by the well-known games design company Paragon Software.

This game was first released in 1987 for arcades and since then has been adapted to various platforms, including Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, MS-DOS, and Acorn Electron. This game aims to collect all the diamonds and escape from the cave before you run out of oxygen.


The main features of this game include:

I am collecting diamonds that are scattered around the cave. You can collect up to 99 diamonds in each game.

When you run out of oxygen, your character will start to die, and his screen display will read OUT OF AIR. If you do not find another oxygen supply within a few seconds, your character will die. Your character can move around the screen by pressing UP and DOWN arrow keys on your keyboard or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS of your mouse.


Your control for this game is effortless.

You have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS of your mouse to move your character around the screen.

You can also increase or decrease his running speed by pressing the CTRL key while using UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS on your keyboard.

You can save yourself from enemies by jumping across chasms using the SPACE BAR key or LEFT CLICK OF YOUR MOUSE. You can also move faster by holding down the SHIFT key while using UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS of your keyboard or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS of your mouse.

For avatar movement, you press “LEFT-arrow” to make the Caveman walk to the left and “RIGHT-arrow” to make it walk to the right.

You can turn Caveman by pressing up-arrow or down-arrow – but keep in mind that Caveman walks a few pixels further than you originally intended when you change the direction.


Paragon Software has developed this game. It is a game designer company founded in 1982 by Tim Gill. It is one of the leading suppliers of games for Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

How To Play

This game aims to collect all the diamonds scattered around the cave and then walk through the exit door.

You can collect up to 99 diamonds in each game. Make sure that your oxygen doesn’t run out while you’re exploring!

When your character’s screen starts saying Out Of Air, move over one of many tanks to get a refill of oxygen. Otherwise, you will never see your wife and child again!

Levels Of Difficulty

In this game, there are four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. The more complex the level you choose to play on, the faster your character runs out of oxygen; however, you receive more points for every diamond you collect on the screen.


I cannot find any diamonds in my cave. How can I complete the game?

You need to be patient and remember that no one will help you in this game, so you must solve all problems yourself. Think about where you are, look at the background and try to remember what you see there. Do not panic after a few unsuccessful attempts to collect diamonds.

How can I jump more than one chasm at a time?

If you want to jump several chasms in one click, hold down “SHIFT” while clicking SPACE BAR or LEFT CLICK OF YOUR MOUSE.


At Frongames, we love to play games! We’re always looking for new and exciting titles to download on the iPad or iPhone. Recently, we came across a game called Cave Dweller that caught our attention with its unique graphics and gameplay mechanics.

As you may have guessed by now, this post is all about what makes Cave Dweller such an engaging experience- both in single-player mode as well as when playing against friends via Facebook connect. If you are interested in downloading it yourself for free on your iOS device, click here!