Free Online Candy Slide Game - How To Play Candy Slide Game Like Pro

Candy Slide Game

Free Online Candy Slide Game - How To Play Candy Slide Game Like Pro Click to play
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This Candy Slide Game challenges you to test your logic and clear a path to the red candy block. At Frongames offers many levels that are challenging and fun. You can move your blocks left to right, right to left, downward to upward, upward to downward, or upward to downward to help your red candy block find an exit gate. If you are searching for a fun game then let’s try it at Frongames with us.

Candy Slide Game Overview

This Candy Slide Game is a total of 100 levels and 25 maps. There are six modes in the game. In the Easy way, you clear all the blocks by only using one candy block on each level to exit gates 1 to three without hitting any obstacles or breaking up your candy blockchain.

You clear all the blocks in Medium mode without hitting any obstacles or breaking up your candy blockchain. In the Hard way, you must get through the map without getting hit by red spikes that go vertically and horizontally.

You can only break blocks that are touching your candy blocks. The other modes are like standard Candy Slide Game rules except for different ways to get through a level.

Free Online Candy Slide Game – How To Play Candy Slide Game Like Pro

1. Move the candy block to get to the exit gate on each level. The arrow (movement) keys allow you to move left or right, up or down, and interact with blocks as needed.

2. Use the space bar button to change the direction of your candy block if needed. The gravity will continue to pull your candy block down and left or right.

3. You must get your candy block to the exit gate before you run out of moves or if you break up your chain, then game over. Try not to move down because there are always spikes at the bottom that will destroy your candy block if it contacts one of them.

4. If you do not touch any candy blocks, then it will add 10 seconds to your time record on the map.

5. The controls are left or right to move the candy block, Up arrow key is used to change gravity, and the down arrow key is used to drop your candy block quickly if needed. Play and enjoy!

Beginner Tips

You will want to start on the top of a level on a new map since that way, you do not have to worry about hitting obstacles below.

The gravity pulls your candy block down, so use that to your advantage by dropping it quickly if needed.

If you need to drop your candy block and continue moving left or right, you can use the down arrow key and drag left or right simultaneously, but be sure to release the button as soon as your candy block hits an obstacle.

If you need to go up, press the up arrow, and it will change gravity until it hits a top wall.

The last trick is what I call double movement, meaning if you are moving a candy block left, right, or down (depending on the gravity pull) while pressing an up arrow key, it will put your candy block in that direction but still be attached to the candy blockchain. This means when you drop your candy block and gravity pulls it up again, it will continue moving in whatever direction.


This Candy Slide Game is straightforward to play and challenging to beat. The graphics are excellent; the time is set for 4 seconds per move, which can be changed.

You only need about ten moves on average to beat each level. Along with obstacles in the game, you have a few power-ups that can help you get through complex or tricky levels.

There are two power-ups in the game a dash and a chain breaker. The life will remove candy blocks one space away from your direction of movement.

The Chain Breaker removes all candy blocks in its path that it is touching when you use this power-up. With every level, there is an option to restart or exit if you need a break. The game comes with its 3D Explorer and Level Editor.

Each level is set for 25 moves which aren’t hard to beat as long as some groups are won already.


Overall the gameplay is enjoyable and challenging. This game is great for making levels, significantly since you can change things such as gravity and the background color. I have spent many hours playing this game due to its addicting gameplay and colorful visuals.