Free Online Candy Rush - How To Play Candy Rush Like Pro

Candy Rush

Free Online Candy Rush - How To Play Candy Rush Like Pro Click to play
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Candy Rush is a game on the app store that has been downloaded over 100 million times and features in-app purchases. It’s an addicting, fast-paced, and easy-to-learn game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Candy Rush can be played by all ages and has received great reviews from players. The objective of this game is to match three or more candy pieces before the time runs out to get points.

After multiple matches, some power-ups give you extra time or take away your opponent’s turns, so they don’t have any moves left!

About Candy Rush Game

Candy Rush is a very addictive game. It will instantly grab your attention, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing it! The colorful graphics and the cute sounds make this game enjoyable.

You play Candy Rush with fruit candies, where you have to match at least three of the same kind to remove them from the playing field. The more candies you explode together, the higher score you get.

If you manage to clear all tiles from the screen, the game will be over, and your final score will be submitted to our high score list.

Stock up on candy! There are various types of Candy Rush games available – with no time limits or a time limit to go into the next level.

If you get stuck, you can use some tips and tricks available in Candy Rush, or read our Candy Rush strategy guide below!

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Candy Rush is very easy and intuitive to play – the use of any control is not required. You can easily play Candy Rush with just your mouse!


Candy Rush game is developed by a cheerful team of TicTacGames, who have many other games that you can try as well: Baby Hazel, Highway Rider, Crazy Go Nuts 2, Subway Surfers, and many more. They also have games for older players – 8 Ball Pool, Hill Climb Racing, Bike Race 3D, and Monster City!

How To Play Candy Rush

To play Candy Rush, you will need to clear the field of candy pieces of three different colors – green, orange, and purple.

You can make a match of at least three same-colored candies by either swapping two adjacent pieces or tapping on a piece to move it down and then tapping on another color of candy you wish to swap with.

If you have cleared the playing field, your score will be submitted to our high score list at the end of the game.

In Candy Rush, you can choose between two different modes – classic or timed. The concept is still the same but with a time limit in place to make things more challenging!

Levels Of Difficulty

There are eight levels of difficulty that you can choose when playing Candy Rush. The higher the number is, the more points and time you will need to complete a game successfully.


Do you have any additional questions about Candy Rush or need to hear some more tips and strategies?

If so, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions below!

What Do The Different Colored Candies Represent?

In the Candy Rush game, there is one colored candy for each type of fruit. Green-colored candies are lemons, oranges are oranges, and purple is the watermelon candies.

I Cannot Delete Or Move Any Piece! Why?

This may happen when you play Candy Rush using your tablet or phone. To fix this problem, use a computer or laptop to start playing Candy Rush instead.

What Is The Strategy Behind This Game?

In general, the strategy in Candy Rush is to match at least three same-colored candies of any type (green, orange, or purple ) and then delete them together. The more candy you can clear and delete simultaneously, the higher score you are going to achieve.

What If I Miss A Chance To Match And Delete Three Or More Pieces?

You may make a match but then accidentally miss an opportunity to make another match right after it. As long as some candies are left on the playing field, you can still create a new game and delete all these candies at once!


With so many games to choose from, it can be hard to know which will give you the most fun and value for your time. Candy Rush is a game that doesn’t disappoint on either count. You get an ever-changing mix of levels in this casual app that keeps things moving at a nice pace.

But what I really like about this game is its social features; not only do you have access to Facebook friends who also play, but you can also challenge other players online. If you’re looking for some new gaming entertainment, download Candy Rush here today!