Free Online Candy Rain 5 Game - How To Play Candy Rain 5 Game Like Pro

Candy Rain 5 Game

Free Online Candy Rain 5 Game - How To Play Candy Rain 5 Game Like Pro Click to play
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Candy Rain 5 is an addicting high score game with matching skills and puzzle-solving tactics that will get you hooked from the very first level! It’s a fresh new take on the famous Candy Crush Saga matching gameplay. Are you ready for some fun?

In this colorful and entertaining match-3 adventure, cast magical spells to clear levels and collect as many sweet stars and treats as you can! Improve your magic skills with every story, complete bonus assignments to improve your ranking, and work your way through the magical lands of this delicious puzzle adventure. Let’s try this game at Frongames.

What is Candy Rain?

Candy Rain was a famous game in June 2018; it’s an entertaining game with over 70 million players. In this game, you can play for free and be the best in the world with your friends!

You will meet a lot of challenges in this awesome candy kingdom. It’s a puzzle game where you can quickly complete the task at each level.

This challenge, it will make your brain react faster. Candy rain is with very bright and colorful stories, cute and exciting graphics.

You can play this game on PC or ios/android mobile phone. If you are interested in playing Candy Rain 5 Game online, don’t hesitate to try it! It’s enjoyable to play.

Candy Rain five Game, which is developed by ShareApp, is a puzzle game launched in June 2018 and got worldwide fame rapidly; since then, it has had more than 100 million downloads worldwide.

The Candy rain became one of the most popular puzzle games in the game center and received a lot of appraise from game players. The Candy Rain five Game online was launched in June 2018; it’s free to download with no ads!

The Candy rain is very easy to play but hard to master. You can get used to it. Even though the candy rain has many levels and it is tough to pass the higher levels, you can find new skills with each group.

In addition, the candy rain has different types of candies, which have other effects. Some of them will make you skip a move or even change your color.

Free Online Candy Rain 5 Game – How To Play Candy Rain 5 Game Like Pro

The basic gameplay of Candy Rain is similar to that of Candy Crush Saga. The player must move the candy to the bottom of the board and make a line with four or more candies of the same color to destroy them.

Each level has different goals, like collecting objects from certain squares, reaching a specific score, or making unique combinations.

The game itself can be divided into six lands, and each land has 25 levels plus a boss level. Some Candy Rain Games online can be passed directly after playing, but others require the collection of stars to advance to the next level.

The player may earn up to three stars on each level, depending on how many candies were collected and how quickly the level was completed.

Clicking on a candy causes the candy to drop and hit other sweets below it, causing them to fall and spread in every direction, combining with any additional candies they hit along the way.

If four or more candies of the same color come together in this fashion, they are removed from the playing field, and new candies are generated in their place.

What’s new in the Candy Rain 5 Game?

The latest version introduces:

  • 90+ unique levels to play
  • Endlessly replayable, with increasing difficulty
  • Challenging assignments to complete and earn rewards
  • Gorgeous new graphics and animations throughout the game
  • Facebook integration through which you can share your progress or challenge friends


Candy Rain5 Game online is a game with easy controls. You can play this game anywhere you want, at home or on the road. Candy rain has many challenging levels and colorful graphics, which are very beautiful to be seen.

The candy rain has brilliant graphics and beautiful animations. It can help you release your stress after a hard day, so don’t hesitate! You should start playing this game right now!