Free Online Candy Rain 3 Game - How To Play Candy Rain 3 Game Like Pro

Candy Rain 3 Game

Free Online Candy Rain 3 Game - How To Play Candy Rain 3 Game Like Pro Click to play
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Candy Rain 3 is a new game by Candy Crush developer that takes many of the features from its predecessor and adds in some fresh twists. Players are tasked with matching candies to create cascades, then checked again to produce more downpours.

It’s easy to get started: match two candies horizontally or vertically to form a waterfall! There are also power-ups in this version, which can be found as players progress through different levels. These power-ups include bombs and color switches, which help make it easier for players to clear the board.

Candy Rain 3 Game Overview

Players are presented with a series of candies that they must clear from the board. To make matches, players must move their mouse over a group of two or more same-colored candies to create cascades; cascade chains will disappear once there is no more candy to match them. This process is very similar to its predecessor, Candy Crush Saga.

One significant difference between Candy Rain 3 and its predecessor is how the game board is set up. Rather than being set on a grid, the panel comprises intersecting vines that create different paths for players to match candies.

This can make cascades much more accessible to start, but it also means that one of these vines is bound to block some moves.

Free Online Candy Rain 3 Game – How To Play Candy Rain 3 Game Like Pro

Several candies have to be cleared by matching them all on the left side of your screen (or on top, depending on if you are playing it as a smartphone app or computer game).

When you click them, candy will appear in different spots on the board and spread out until it reaches other lollipops (sweets).

If you manage to match them, a cascade will be created. You must take each level one after another, and when you win the game, you get to play the next one.

At any time in the game, if you cannot finish it or find yourself stuck on a level for some time, you can use a power-up, which will clear all the candies on the board. Initially, you start with one, and as you progress to higher levels, more options become available.

However, you have a limited number of moves per level so use them wisely. It’s easy to get started: match two candies horizontally or vertically to create a cascade! There is a limited number of those, so be careful how you use them.

Tips for Beginners

  • Always try to have a clear picture of the cascade pattern. Try not to let one candy get away from you.
  • It might block your way to another lollipop that you want to connect with the cascade.
  • Remember – pay attention to where you should be clicking; otherwise, they will be cascaded out, and you will lose them as turning into lemon candies. When the board is full of sweets, try to make a match in the middle of it (there is always one)
  • Those matches are pretty straightforward and will help you to win levels.


Candy Rain 3 is easy to play but hard to master. It’s a very addictive and challenging puzzle game that will keep players busy for hours on end!

Every level needs you to collect the required number of lollipops from the board. Try out some extra tips from our Candy Rain 3 tips section if you find yourself stuck in a particular group.

If you find yourself stuck on a level, don’t be afraid to use your special booster power-up and try again! Make sure that you always have something new to try out when playing Candy Rain 3.


Candy Rain 3 is the perfect game for players who want something challenging but are not ready to deal with more advanced and lengthy puzzle games. It’s an excellent game for families who want something educational but fun to play by the whole household! Frongames hopes that our guide can help you learn more about this game.