Free Online Candy Rain 2 - How To Play Candy Rain 2 Like Pro

Candy Rain 2

Free Online Candy Rain 2 - How To Play Candy Rain 2 Like Pro Click to play
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Candy Rain 2 is a new release in the top series of games from Halfbrick Studios. This game has everything you need to have fun and beat your friends at their own game.

There are many levels for you to conquer, lots of upgrades, and three different modes that will keep you busy with hours upon hours of gameplay.

In Candy Rain 2, players must help guide a raindrop through an obstacle course full of candy-filled puddles while collecting as much sugar as possible.

Players can use various kites or umbrellas to reach higher areas or avoid enemies like spiders and worms. It’s time to get out there and play!

About Candy Rain 2 Game

Candy Rain 2 is an online game released in 2012 by the famous gaming company, Candy Rain 2 has been well-known as one of the most popular puzzle games on Facebook and the web.

The game is straightforward: while playing it, you will need to connect the balls of the same color to melt them down. You will get a certain amount of points for each group of melted balls. Then you can use those points to get more spells and hints to help you play with Candy Rain 2.

The main goal is to connect three or more like-colored balls so that they will dissolve. The dissolved balls will be collected to your account, and that’s how you score.

It is a pretty simple objective, but it will not be that easy in the middle of the game when there are many obstacles like frozen balls or locked balls.


Candy Rain 2 has a lot of features that make this game more exciting and challenging.

Firstly, Candy Rain 2 offers the players a chance to connect not only three sets of balls together but up to five, which is fantastic. You can also get a power-up for each additional ball you make to melt them down quickly.

Secondly, Candy Rain 2 also features a lot of tasks or challenges at each level. For example, you have to connect the same color balls to remove all the blocks from where they are located. In addition, you have to unlock more spells and hint to help you through the game.


There’re three types of controls that you have to use to play Candy Rain 2. The first one is for the mouse, which is a bit difficult when you’re playing this game, and it makes your gaming experience not enjoyable.

Secondly, there’s an essential arrow control used to connect the same colored balls; however, this control has many limitations at each level, making the game pretty hard to play. Finally, there’s a mobile touch control which is very simple and easy to use. It helps you connect the same colored balls faster and easier.


Candy Rain 2 was developed by Candy Rain 2 Game for friends of Candy that loved playing candy crush saga!

How To Play

To start playing Candy Rain 2, you will need to choose a level of difficulty that suits you. The first step is to make matches between the same colored balls and connect them. A dissolved ball will be collected into your account, and you can go to the next level.

The game is pretty simple; as long you connect the same colored balls, they will dissolve, and when you have enough dissolved balls into your account, you can get a powerful spell to help you pass the levels with Candy Rain 2 and finally win it.

Levels Of Difficulty

Candy Rain 2 has five levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, expert, and master. However, if you are not a fan of challenges, it is better that you start playing Candy Rain 2 on the easy level. This will help your gaming experience be more enjoyable.


Can I play Candy Rain 2 on my PC?

You can’t play Candy Rain 2 through your PC because it was designed to be played with a mobile phone or other handheld devices. In addition, you will need to connect via Facebook to start playing this game; however, if you have any inconvenience using Facebook to join, you can use your email as well.

Can I play Candy Rain 2 for free?

Yes, of course. This game is free, and there’s no price at all when you’re playing this game.

How many levels does Candy Rain 2 have?

Candy Rain 2 offers more than 100 levels that you have to pass; however, sometimes, you may face a lot of difficulties to play Candy Rain 2

How many colors does Candy Rain 2 have?

The game offers four different colors that are red, green, orange, and purple. Feel free to combine the same colored balls and start passing all levels with this excellent candy crush saga type of game!


I hope you enjoy the game and find it to be a good value for your money. It has enough content in addition to being fun, which is so hard to come by these days with mobile games that are constantly trying to get players hooked on pay-to-win items or making them wait hours just for one more level of gameplay.

Candy Rain 2 also offers multiplayer modes both online through Facebook connect and local play between two people who own the app themselves. If this sounds like something you want, then don’t hesitate any longer!