Free Online Candy Mahjong Game - How To Play Candy Mahjong Game Like Pro

Candy Mahjong Game

Free Online Candy Mahjong Game - How To Play Candy Mahjong Game Like Pro Click to play
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It’s a Mahjong game with a Candy theme. All tiles are made of candy! When you click on the tile, it will connect to others, and they will be removed. The purpose is to remove all tiles within the moves allowed. The action can be up, down, right, or left if no fork appears on the path (no same pattern twice).

Otherwise, you can’t move. There are three levels: easy, medium, and challenging. When the game is over, you will be given several moves for the next level. If you are searching for a fun game, then let’s try Candy Mahjong in Frongames.

Free Online Candy Mahjong Game – How To Play Candy Mahjong Game Like Pro

1. Choose the level you want to play. There are three levels; easy, medium, and challenging.

2. Tile will appear, and you should combine them until all tiles disappeared from the screen.

3. If it’s not possible to move your tile, one or more diversion(fork) appears on the path between two tiles that you can proceed.

4. You have to use diversion(fork) to connect your tile with one or more tiles to remove them.

5. If there is no fork, you can’t move, and the game will be over. Additional moves will be given only after the game is over, at least one activity if you get a good score in the previous level.

6. You can’t use the same tile twice in one game, and you also can’t connect two tiles with the same pattern to clear them.

7. After all candy is gone, you win this round, and then new candy will appear for you. Then the game over message will appear after some seconds on your screen, and then you should click the start button to begin another round.

8. When you have finished the easy level, only the medium level will be available for playing, and when you win the medium level, the only hard level will be available for playing.

Features of The Game

  • Game graphics are exciting, and the candy is designed in three different shapes.
  • The game has 100 levels, from easy to challenging, so you can play for a long time once you start this great game.
  • You will be given an additional number of moves for the next level even you got some score on the previous level. It would help if you used it wisely.
  • It’s easy to learn because you don’t need to know about game rules, but after some levels, you should be careful and make decisions fast to finish the story before time is over.
  • You can post your score on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Social networking is available for this game.
  • It’s available for Windows 8 phones. You can download the game from the Windows store if you have an intelligent windows phone, like Nokia 920 or HTC One X.
  • This game is free to play, and it requires an Internet connection to get more scores or connect with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. You should also check other free games from the same developer.
  • It’s available on iTunes App Store, Windows Phone Store, and Google Play for Android mobile phones. iOS phone users can download this game from iTunes App Store, where it’s free to play.


Candy Mahjong Game is exciting because all tiles are candy. All of them with different shapes and designs are designed in three different types. They are berry, ice candy, and yummy cookies, but the game is not limited because it’s a random-level design. All tiles with a different shape or the same shape on the screen will give you an exciting experience.