Free Online Candy Love Game - How To Play Candy Love Game Like Pro

Candy Love Game

Free Online Candy Love Game - How To Play Candy Love Game Like Pro Click to play
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My Candy Love Game is a fun and addicting game that will make you want to play more! Over 500,000 people across the world have downloaded this game. You can get it for free at Frongames. It’s easy to learn how to play this addicting game, and there are even tutorials for first-time players. The goal of this game is to keep moving up levels while earning as many points as possible. 


My Candy Love: High School Life is a glimpse into the life of a Sweet Amoris high school student. You’ll find a new school, new friends, and a whole new way of living. You will meet many different boys with their unique personalities. You will have to take on the bad boy, class president, or geek.

Campus Life allows you to juggle your classes and part-time work. You can find the person you are looking for in many different places. You can find the perfect person in your office, your ex-rockstar friend, or even someone you are forbidden to date. There are many profiles available with different personalities and stories.

Free Online Candy Love Game – How To Play Candy Love Game Like Pro

The game consists of a series of levels. You start as an inexperienced student and must graduate with high honors to reach the top ranks, where you are considered the most desirable bachelor or bachelorette.

Each level has two goals for each gender corresponding to how many hearts and coins it takes to finish each level. The target numbers for hearts and cash you need to reach rise as you get through the stories.

Several gifts can be sent through in-game mail. These gifts will help your character with completing tasks more effectively for a limited time only.

Fill your love gauge.

To finish each level, you must fill your love gauge by earning hearts. You receive one heart every five minutes and can also gain bonus hearts for completing mini-tasks. These tasks are usually simple things such as buying a present or playing a game with friends.

My Candy Love is sometimes called My Girlfriend or My Boyfriend in parts of Asia due to the strong influence of Korean pop culture.

Personalize your avatar

You can customize your avatar by selecting a hair color, skin tone, and clothing. You have the option of picking out headgear, stocking hats, headphones, and more!


There are special events that will occur during specific periods. These events can be purchased at a discounted rate with coins or diamonds in the My Store section by tapping on the orange goods icon.

The events start a few days after purchase and last for several days. In the event screen, you can see your progress and click on items to obtain points from them.

For instance, heart-shaped beds give you one heart per five minutes of sleep in them. There is also an event where you can earn one seat for every five minutes of studying.


  • Three otome game applications in one.
  • Your choices can have a profound impact on your life and your relationship.
  • Dating sim with lots of characters you can have fun with and share a love story.
  • There are many intrigues.
  • Each month, a new episode.
  • All year round, there are regular events.


My Candy Love is a fun game that will keep you busy for years to come. There are many choices and special events which ensure that the game will never get boring. We hope that our guide can help you play this better.