Free Online Candy Craze Game - How To Play Candy Craze Game Like Pro

Candy Craze Game

Free Online Candy Craze Game - How To Play Candy Craze Game Like Pro Click to play
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Candy Craze 2021 is a fun match 3 game for players of all ages. The game’s goal is to clear the board by matching at least three candy pieces in a row or column. Players can use their mouse, keyboard, or touch screen to play as they score points and move up levels.

Different power-ups help you get through challenging levels such as extra time, bombs, and other unique items. This game has been downloaded over one million times! This game will keep you entertained for hours on end with its exciting gameplay and colorful graphics!

Candy Craze 2021 Match 3 Games Overview

The first thing you’ll notice about Candy Craze 2021 is its colorful graphics. They are bright and attractive; the board looks like an actual board! The animation is smooth, so no lagging occurs on your device.

The background music that plays during gameplay makes you feel like you’re in a candy store; it’s an appropriate soundtrack to play with a candy theme. You will not find any cheesy or annoying background music in this game!

You can view the entire board at all times by simply moving your mouse to the top of the screen. An icon of a magnifying glass shows up it’s small so that it won’t cover too much of the gameboard.

Candy Craze 2021 has all of the features you’d expect from a match 3 game. It is full of dazzling graphics, exciting animations, and excellent sound effects! They are qualities that will keep any player playing for hours on end!

Free Online Candy Craze Game – How To Play Candy Craze Game Like Pro

1. The first thing you’ll see when you open this game is the title screen. This is an excellent introduction for new players who are unaware of how to play Candy Craze 2021. Therefore it can be a helpful feature for new players! You will also notice that the game uses fantastic graphics and animation. If you tap on the “Play” button, the game will immediately open!

2. When you first start playing Candy Craze 2021, you’ll notice that there are four levels of difficulty: Beginner, Normal, Advanced, and Expert. You can choose which level to play by simply tapping on the one you want to play! When you select a difficultly level, the number of moves you have to finish a level will change.

3. A gameboard will appear after you choose a difficulty level to play; it is filled with different flavored candies! The board looks like an actual candy store, making the player feel more immersed in the game. Your goal is to match at least three candies horizontally or vertically to clear those pieces.

The more candies you fit in a row or column, the higher your points will be! You can play as long as you want; there is no time limit! However, if you cannot clear the board and run out of moves, then it’s game over!

Tips for Beginner

1. Power-ups are the best way to level up in this game! They make playing Candy Craze 2021 much more accessible; they have helped many novice players achieve higher scores in the game. You can use bombs, rainbow candy, and other power-ups to help you advance through challenging levels! To activate one of these items, tap on it!

2. You can also use your skill to beat challenging levels and score a high score! You need to pay attention at all times so that you know when to use power-ups! To pass a group, the board must be clear of any pieces of candy. If there are still pieces remaining, then you have not cleared the board! Power-ups are often necessary to remove an uncompromising level of this game.

3. The game gives you an option to use boosters, which can be found in bonus slots on the first page of this app. You can get them by simply tapping on them and going through several small dialogues; it’s that easy!

4. Another tip you can follow is to play fun-filled mini-games that Candy Craze 2021 offers at the end of each level. There is a fun surprise waiting for you at the end of each class! The mini-games are fun and addictive, so it’s worth trying them out! Some of these games even allow you to earn candies, which you can use to upgrade your power-ups in this game.


1. Candy Craze 2021 has numerous features that make it easier and more fun to play! The game is available for Android and iOS devices, which means that you can play it on any smartphone or tablet! You can also download the game for free today!

2. This game will take you to a candy fantasy world where you can create your candy store! You can upgrade the shop to give customers the best experience possible in the game. Upgrading your shop will help you achieve higher scores and unlock new levels in the game.

3. This game is incredibly addictive, which means you’ll be stuck playing it for hours on end! It’s an excellent choice for people who want easy games to play and don’t take up too much of their time. It’s a game that you can enjoy playing in short intervals, ideal for busy people!


Candy Craze 2021 Match 3 Game will surely make your life more colorful and enjoyable! This game comes with so many features that you will not be able to put your phone down; it’s an excellent choice for people who want to play a fun and addictive game! It’s one of those games where you can play in short intervals, ideal for busy adults and teenagers. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to play Candy Craze 2021. Let’s download and try it now!