Free Online Butterfly Bash - How To Play Butterfly Bash Like Pro

Butterfly Bash

Free Online Butterfly Bash - How To Play Butterfly Bash Like Pro Click to play
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Do you enjoy butterflies? Do they make you happy? If so, then this blog post is for you. It will introduce the Butterfly Bash game, which was created by a company called MindWare.

The game is played with cards with pictures of different types of butterflies on them, and players must match the image on their card to one on another player’s card to win points.

One neat thing about this game is that two rules depend on what type of mood people want to play it in – competitive or cooperative.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, but many don’t know how much there is to learn about them!

About Butterfly Bash Game

Butterfly Bash Game is a fun and challenging game for kids. It was initially designed to be played by preschoolers or kindergartners as it helps them learn numbers, colors, and shapes easily.

The idea behind the game came from learning about the butterfly life cycle, which involved many colored eggs laying by adult butterflies.

So, the little ones had to match similar colored eggs. This was a great way to teach them about matching and sorting different items, which is an essential skill for the kindergarten curriculum.


The game has 25 exciting levels, so it provides plenty of fun for your kids as they play.

The game has all the popular features which make it one of the most loved and played puzzle games in different corners of the world.

It can be played on both Android as well as iOS devices. So, no matter what kind of device you are using, you can play this challenging brain teaser game and enjoy it to your fullest.

Butterfly Bash Game has become extremely popular in the recent past. This is because it has all the features a game wants to have. It helps kids learn while having fun at the same time.

Since there are many levels to play, you can keep on going till your child becomes an expert at matching different colors and sorting items in order based on shapes and sizes.


The controls are simple and effective as it requires the user to tap on their desired choice when they see a group of similar items.

The number of options available in each level ranges from four to six, depending on the difficulty level you wish to select so that your child is at an advantage while playing through the game.


This fun-filled game is developed by a famous developer company named Tiny Bop. With more than ten years of experience in the field, they have managed to create some fantastic games that offer learning opportunities for kids and adults.

How To Play Butterfly Bash Game

Let’s find out how we can easily play this skill-based game. Follow the steps given below:

Go to your app store if you are using Android or iTunes Store for IOS devices. Search for Butterfly Bash and download it on your device as per the instructions given by the respective app store. Install, open, and start playing.

To play the game, you will have to follow the instructions given on-screen. You will see different groups of eggs lying on the floor, numbered from one to four, with each group containing similar kinds of eggs (red, blue, green, or yellow). The aim is to match all the items in a specific group only.

If you tap on the wrong egg, then you won’t be able to progress further and will have to start again. The number of items in each group may change when you move up a level making it trickier as matching becomes more difficult.

The game is played on an unlimited time basis, so practice makes perfect!

Levels Of Difficulty

Five different levels can be played by your kids, depending on their age group and the game’s complexity. Here is an overview:

Level 1: The first level is relatively easy for even a three-year-old to play. Hence it is suitable for preschoolers things like matching colors and shapes are taught in a fun manner.

Level 2: Level two is not so easy, and this level involves matching shapes like squares, circles, triangles, diamonds, or hearts.

Level 3: Level three is trickier since you have to match more than one item in a specific group. For instance, blue eggs, along with yellow eggs, have to be swapped with green eggs. This requires a lot of concentration and attention.

Level 4: Level four is a tough one, and you need to have good knowledge of shapes, colors, and sizes to play through this level.

For instance, if you see a group of eggs containing blue circles, yellow triangles, green squares, and red diamonds, then matching them up by swapping with the same color egg will be difficult. Only experts can play through this level.

Level 5: The fifth and final levels are exceptionally tricky and involve advanced skills in matching colors, shapes, and sizes. There are no limits to what you have to do here as long as it fits the criteria asked by the game.


My four-year-old daughter loves this game, but she fails to progress further. What should I do?

Try playing the game with your child and check if you can get through each level without making mistakes. If so, then help her match the remaining items on the screen. Practice makes perfect!

Is there a way in which I can get hints for this game?

Many users have requested the developers provide hints for this game, especially after they reach level four. However, there hasn’t been any such update so far.

Hence I would suggest using a cheat sheet to match all items in a group but still find it hard to progress further.

Can I use the cheat sheet for other gaming devices?

Yes, you can! The cheat sheets are universal, so feel free to print them or download them from anywhere and use them whenever you need to.


The butterfly bash game is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have fun and feel like they are constantly evolving. It’s also a perfect way to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect.

We recommend this game because it has so much value, but if you’d like more information before downloading it, contact our team of experts at Frongames!

They will ensure that your experience is the best possible and answer any questions about this app. Should you download this game? Contact us today to find out!