Free Online Burger Story - How To Play Burger Story Like Pro

Burger Story

Free Online Burger Story - How To Play Burger Story Like Pro Click to play
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Burger Story Game is a game about running a burger joint. It’s as simple as that, but it provides the player with an engaging experience in which they’ll need to juggle and manage different aspects of their restaurant.

You’ll need to hire staff members, take care of your customers, make sure you have enough ingredients on hand to make burgers at the right time, and keep your menu updated with new items so you can attract more customers who are looking for something different from what they’ve ordered before.

With each level becoming increasingly challenging than the last, Burger Story Game will be sure to provide hours of entertainment while teaching players how to run a successful restaurant business!

About Burger Story Game

Burger Story Game is a type of arcade game; You are supposed to prepare a burger in a given time and earn the maximum score.

To be successful, you need to implement your expertise, talent, and strategic thinking skills. It has a timer and limited ingredients, limiting your freedom because if enough time does not remain, you cannot move forward or backward in the process.

If you have sufficient time and ingredients, you can move in the game to any stages you like; but if they are not enough for some background, only that portion of the game will be opened, which is possible with those resources.

The difficulty levels of this game become more arduous when you progress through successive stages because it becomes faster, and you have to use your speed and efficiency. This game is available online for free, which means no need to pay anything or download adware, etc.


Burger Story Online Game has the following controls:

  • Here You Can see up, down, left, right arrows to move your character.
  • Here You Have To use the mouse key to play this game online and And if you want to go back, you have to use the Back¬†button.

How To Play Burger Story Like Pro

If you play the game Burger Story, this section is the best place for you to learn how to win or earn more points because we have given very informative details about it.

Remember that you will be in difficulty in some stages, and your effort might not give expected results, so pay attention to the following instructions given here.

It would help if you tried to stay on the right path always. Feel free to go out of the way because there is no need to follow it strictly; however, if you do not want to lose the chance, be careful while selecting ingredients. Some ingredients have been placed in the wrong place, so use them after careful consideration.

Check the ingredients before selecting them, and if they are locked, do not hurry because you will unnecessarily lose time; wait till it becomes free.

Do not overuse the back button as it is unnecessary to use it frequently, even if you have some more ingredients left. Remember that the game has been designed in such a way so only a limited quantity of each component will be available.

Do not worry if you do not have enough time because if you are unable to pass a stage in a given time, it will automatically extend the game time to complete your task. In a word, stay calm and perform well and learn Burger Story Game.

Levels Of Difficulty

Gamers of Burger Story game can play through different levels, and each level has its features and tasks. The procedure to complete the task of each stage is the same, but you have to show your brilliance in every phase because it varies from one level to another.

The difficulty becomes higher with successive stages, so keep this in mind; never feel exhausted because if you do so, you cannot win this game. Always try to overcome the level and never let it discourage you; in case of any difficulty, here we have given FAQs that will help you a lot:


Burger Story Online Game is difficult for me. How can I solve this problem?

If you think that Burger Story Game is difficult for you, we will help you with successful strategies to achieve.

You have to be careful when selecting an ingredient because if you choose the wrong one, your task cannot be completed, so look at it carefully and do not hurry unnecessarily.

Assume that a particular ingredient is locked but its back button is open, then do not try to use it immediately because if you touch it and the back button will also be closed, so wait till its back button gets locked.

How To Make More Points In Burger Story Game?

Burger Story Online game is all about making points, so here are the things which can help you make more points:

If you want to earn more points, you should try your level best and do not hurry; keep in mind that your effort will be rewarded with success.

You should avoid using the back button frequently because it will decrease the value of ingredients and other things already placed on both sides of the burger board. If you want to use them again, then you have to wait till it becomes free.

What Happens If I Lose All My Lives In Burger Story Game?

Sometimes you might be in a situation when all your lives have been finished, so if this happens, never think about frustration because its developer has designed the backup plan for such cases. You will get more chances to play again without wasting your money.

Burger Story Online game is very addictive, so stay focused, and you will be able to find out the best strategies to win it. If you want more information, keep visiting here because we will post more details on the same topic as soon as we get it.


The Burger Story game is available on iTunes and Google Play store now! Have fun playing with friends or family members on the same device or online against people from around the world using Facebook connect. Download it today by clicking these links below!