Free Online Bubble Shooter Classic - How To Play Bubble Shooter Classic Like Pro

Bubble Shooter Classic

Free Online Bubble Shooter Classic - How To Play Bubble Shooter Classic Like Pro Click to play
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The best way to have fun while wasting time is playing one of the most popular games on your phone, bubble shooter classic game!

This addictive puzzle app helps you pass the time and stay focused. It’s easy to play this challenging arcade game as all you need are three fingers and a little bit of patience.

There are many different levels for players with varying difficulties that can be unlocked by earning coins or purchasing them in-app. The graphics in this app are stunning, and it has been downloaded over 100 million times since its launch date!

If you want to try out some new apps but don’t know where to start, download this one first! You won’t regret it!

About Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter Classic is the free online version of the most loved bubble shooting game for PC, part of our free online games collection. It’s a classic bubble shooter game featuring six different levels to play and three difficulty modes: easy, medium, and challenging.

The only objective of this addicting arcade-style puzzle game is to clear all the bubbles from the board by shooting bubbles at them.

This bubble shooter game has a twist, though: You can break bubbled-up balls by surrounding them with more than three bubbles of the same color. Sounds easy? It is… unless you get stuck on level 8!

Many people have tried this online version of Bubble Shooter Classic, and they loved it so much that they played it every day.

Some of them said that this bubble shooter game is one of the most addictive games on the web, so if you’re looking for a fun time-killer to play with your friends or during your free time… then you’ll enjoy playing. Bubble Shooter Classic!


Free Bubble Shooter Classic game that’s part of our collection of online games, which you can play for free on a computer.

  • 6 levels + 3 difficulty modes: easy, medium & hard.
  • Multiple bubbles are shooting aim aids to help you win the level.
  • The ability to change the background music.
  • Playable in full-screen mode.


  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot bubbles.
  • Right-click to use special powerups.
  • Press the Esc key on your keyboard to toggle full-screen mode, if available.


Bubble Shooter Classic is developed by, which offers 1000s of free online games, including classic puzzle games, bubble shooting games, and match 3 games like this one that you can play for free on the web.

How To Play Bubble Shooter Classic Like Pro

Now that you’ve played this bubble shooter game, you may be thinking that the hard mode is too difficult. If so, then follow these tips to help you beat the hard way:

When the blocks are lined up horizontally or vertically (with no gaps in between), use The Line Blaster special powerup to clear them all with one shot.

Play this bubble shooter game in full-screen mode so that you can see as many bubbles on your screen as possible.

Shoot a ball at the top of the board. If you notice, it looks like it may get stuck somewhere? The next ball you shoot might have a better chance to reach its destination.

Line up bubbles so that you can shoot them with one move. This is an excellent strategy to use when playing on the hard difficulty level since it will earn you more points and help you beat the story faster.

Level Of Difficulty

Bubble Shooter Classic features three difficulty modes: easy, medium, and hard. Each method has 6 levels for you to beat. Here’s how the levels are scored:

  • Accessible Mode: 1 point for each bubble eliminated.
  • Medium Mode: 3 points for each bubble eliminated.
  • Hard Mode: 5 points for each bubble eliminated.

The hard mode gets harder and harder as you progress through it because you’ll have less room to shoot the bubbles and more obstacles blocking your aim. This is why good hand-eye coordination skills are required if you want to get a high score at the end of each level!

Also, keep in mind that the next bubble shooter level will be even harder than the previous one. This is how it goes: Easy mode = Levels 1-6; Medium mode = Levels 7-12; Hard mode = Levels 13-18.


Is it free?

Yes, Bubble Shooter Classic is 100% free.

How many levels are there?

There are 18 levels in all.

What other bubble shooter games do you have?

We have many of them! Make sure to check out Pop Bubble, which has similar gameplay to this one. If you like this game, you’ll probably want that one too.


After reading this blog post, we hope you’ve learned that the game is not only fun and addictive but also has a lot of value.

The bubble shooter classic helps boost your brainpower by making it work harder to solve puzzles. You can play with friends on the same devices, or online using Facebook connect.