Free Online Bridge Hero Lite - How To Play Bridge Hero Lite Like Pro

Bridge Hero Lite

Free Online Bridge Hero Lite - How To Play Bridge Hero Lite Like Pro Click to play
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Bridge Hero Lite is a challenging and fun game that can be played for free on your mobile device. The game’s goal is to build bridges across rivers so that all of the cars will safely make it to the other side.

You are given a budget to buy materials, such as wooden planks and steel girders, to construct your bridge. If any car falls into the water below, you lose points; if they make it safely over, you earn them!

A remarkable feature of this game is that it has an online leaderboard to see how their scores stack up against others worldwide. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll have a Bridge Hero World Champion!

About Bridge Hero Lite Game

Bridge Hero Lite is a classic bridge game based on Euchre. Bridge, or contract bridge, is one of the most popular card games globally as it can accommodate up to 20 players at a time. Euchre is also a viral card game from North America and was later popularized by German immigrants in Wisconsin. (1)

Late in the early part of the 20th century, Charles Goren also became very popular as he was an expert card player and taught many people how to play Bridge using his book. He made many contributions which include simplified rules forbidding (2).

Now, you can play the classic game wherever you are! Just like the actual game, you and your partner have to get at least 13 tricks to win.


  • Unique 3D graphics
  • Minimal setup time is required.
  • Game Center support for high score competition.


Controls are simple and easy to learn. The goal is to score as many points as possible in a span of two hands, which means you only need to focus on one hand at a time. You have two options for bidding:

The pass button will be available if you think your first hand has a better chance of winning.

You can also change the difficulty at any given time by pressing the Difficulty button located in the top right corner of the main screen.


Bridge Hero Lite is developed by Brightsun Studios, an independent game development studio based in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the most highly rated LITE games on the App Store and was featured as Game of the week (1)

How To Play Bridge Hero Lite Like Pro

You start by going to the Main Menu and then selecting a difficulty level. There are three levels of difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Depending on your skill level, you can choose a game that fits you best!

Press the deal button. If you are playing with other players, each person should select their deck to play. You can change the dealer by tapping on the dealer button located at the lower portion of your screen.

Your goal is to get 13 tricks throughout two hands. Each hand (or round) will be seven cards per round or 28 total cards. If you don’t get 13 tricks, then that’s one hand you’ll lose, and your opponent will earn points.

Once each player has picked up their cards by simply tapping on them, they can now decide what captures, if any, they want to make for the round (3). The same applies to your partner’s hand. Once both players are done taking their turns, press done at the end of the round.

If you have won the previous hand, you will gain some points (the loser will lose some). If both your team and your partner’s team are tied to issues, you will go into a sudden death phase.

You can also change the difficulty during this period by pressing the Difficulty button again until new hands are dealt with. If both teams still end up with the same number of points (or if they both are negative after a sudden death phase), then you will go into overtime, in which a winner will be determined by simply seeing who wins a hand first.

Keep playing! The game ends when you or your partner reaches -100 points.

Levels Of Difficulty

Easy has a point range of 25 to 100. You can win by getting at least 50 points, and you can lose by losing all your life (or being down -100 points). The number of cards dealt is 7 per round or 28 total cards.

Medium has a point range of 50 to 500. You have to win by getting at least 100 points. You can lose by losing all your life (or being down -400) or if you can win a sudden-death phase. There are ten cards per round and 40 total cards dealt with each hand.

Hard has a point range of 150 to infinite. Same as Medium, you have to get at least 100 points to win. You can lose by losing all your life (or being down -500) or if you can win a sudden-death phase as well. There are 15 cards per round and 50 total cards dealt with each hand.


Can you play this game with other players?

Yes, it is possible to play with others. It would help if you made sure each player has their deck of cards before playing the game. If you want to be the dealer, touch the “dealer” button located at the lower portion of your screen, and the dealer will change to your account.

Can you play this game without having an internet connection?

Yes, it is playable offline as well. However, you need to make sure that you have already downloaded the game on your device first before using this feature. You can press “Play Offline” and select a difficulty level composed of cards that are already loaded on your device.


The Bridge Hero Lite game is a perfect example of an app that doesn’t require in-app purchases to have fun. This free version will give you hours and hours of entertainment without the need for extra cash.

If you want, you can always upgrade to the full version with all its features or purchase add-ons if they are available.

But even so, this game has more variety and constant evolution than most games out there on the market today, which makes it worth your time. Download bridge hero lite now!