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Bridal Game

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Bridal Game is a fun and challenging Game for your wedding guests. It will be played at the beginning of the reception and is designed to get people talking to each other, making connections, networking, and having a great time!

The goal is to collect as many cards or points as possible by answering questions to win prizes. This Game can also help create an ice breaker so that everyone has a chance of meeting someone new. This game has been available at Frongames.

Bridal Game Overview

Bridal Game is played among wedding guests and requires the play of a Bridal Card Deck.

The Game will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete, depending on the number of players. Each player, in turn, asks another person for their card or answers a question.

The loser has to draw a card from the stack; if it’s a wedding-related card, the player keeps it. If it’s a “Rule Card,” the player must draw another card from the stack; if it is also a Rule Card, they must take two cards (and so on). The winner of each round starts the next one.

Players compete for guests’ attention by asking questions that are as interesting and challenging as they can make them. The person who collects the most Bridal Cards at the end of a designated time wins some wedding fun prizes. For this purpose, cards may be given out for the most creative questions, best stories, or other awards that you choose to give out.

Free Online Bridal Game – How To Play Bridal Game Like Pro

1. Each player is given a card with their wedding color and the word bride or groom printed on it. The players then write their names at the bottom of their cards to be kept straight.

2. All players get a chance to ask another guest for their card, which they can do by asking another player a problematic question.

3. The first person to get all four cards is the winner and wins prizes of wedding favors for everyone playing.

4. Before you start, make sure that all players know what questions they are allowed to ask; this will avoid awkward moments among your guests or people who might be offended by an inappropriate question.

5. If you are playing this Game during the ceremony, be sure to have someone announce that the Bride and Groom want their guests to have fun and ask questions freely. If you play it at your reception, make sure people know that they should feel free to ask away without fear of offending anyone. This will encourage participation.

Beginner Tips

If you have fewer than ten players, it is okay to select one player as the winner randomly. Then, after everyone has had a turn at asking questions, go around again and let each person have a second round of questioning.

1. If you are playing this Game during the ceremony, ask your guests to write their names on the cards once they receive them so that you can keep them straight.

2. If someone is uncomfortable with a specific question, let them know they can politely refuse to answer by saying, “No, thank you.” It’s best not to push this person for an answer, and if their reason is good enough, don’t make them feel guilty about not answering.

3. If no one asks another player a question for an extended period, suggest that they make up their questions.

4. Encourage your guests to participate by cheering on the players and making them feel like winners!


With this Game, you will receive 44 playing cards, with 4 set colors (Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow). Also, these colors represent the four different types of questions you can ask another player.

The Bride and Groom are included in the Game!

Bridal Game comes in a beautiful box which makes it easy to store and bring to any party you might have coming up for your friends or family to play!


A bridal Game is a fun and entertaining way for guests to enjoy themselves at your wedding reception or ceremony. Also, Bridal Game helps you keep the atmosphere of your party upbeat feeling. People will walk away from your celebration with beautiful memories and love for both you and your spouse.