Free Online Brick Breaker Game - How To Play Brick Breaker Game Like Pro

Brick Breaker Game

Free Online Brick Breaker Game - How To Play Brick Breaker Game Like Pro Click to play
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Brick Breaker is a classic arcade game that will give you an extraordinary experience to the gamers. You will start playing this exciting game with four paddles at the lower-left corner and another paddle at the upper right corner.

You have to control these paddles and let the ball hit all the bricks to clear each level. There are 100 levels in this game; you must destroy each brick by using a ball that has a limited number of bounces on them.

You have to be fast in knocking down all the bricks as it gives you more points when you finish a level within a limited time. When you play this game online, you will see that it combines skills and luck to succeed at the station.

Many bricks on the screen may be hidden behind other bricks or even between them, so these balls that hit such bricks will not lose their power, but they can bounce back onto your paddle, just like tennis.

Free Online Brick Breaker Game – How To Play Brick Breaker Game Like Pro

When you first play the game, you will see that there are bricks on a screen. It would help if you controlled your paddle to hit each ball so that it can bounce off from these bricks and destroy them.

This is very interesting because each brick has its color, which makes this game more colorful.

Once all balls complete their tasks, you will be able to move onto the next level.

Each time you play this game, you will find that new bricks appear on a screen, making it harder for you to destroy them all within a limited number of moves.

After you finish level 100, your score will be uploaded to a leaderboard. The best players can gain bonus points, and they can achieve more than 2000 scores.


You can play this game online at many free sites. You will be able to control your paddle by using a straightforward mouse, allowing you to experience an exciting level of playing brick breaker games.

Brick Breaker Game online is quite different from other games because the bricks are of various sizes and locations.

You will experience a lot of fun playing this game. It is an addictive game that you can play for many hours as it features 100 levels to complete and scores to beat.

The best part is that this game’s primary goal remains the same all along, but new bricks appear on each level, making it harder for you to complete the level.

Brick Breaker Game online is exciting, and if you want to play more games, there are many other similar games available which you can enjoy in your spare time.


Playing Brick Breaker Game online is a great way to spend your time. You will experience an intense feeling of excitement when it comes to playing this game. It is an excellent combination of skills and luck to complete each level, so you must have both these things to succeed. Frongames hopes that our guide can help you learn more about this game.