Free Online Brainie Game - How To Play Brainie Game Like Pro

Brainie Game

Free Online Brainie Game - How To Play Brainie Game Like Pro Click to play
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The Brainie Game is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about their brains. It is an educational game that teaches children the different parts of their brains, how they work together, and how to keep them healthy. It’s an excellent way for parents to help teach kids important information in a fun manner! And this game is available on Forngames now.

This game was designed by Dr. Alexia Moseley-Williams, who has more than 20 years of experience as a pediatrician specializing in child development disorders such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

She created this game after noticing her own son’s struggle with his diagnosis of ASD at age 4. He loved playing games on tablets or other electronic devices but didn’t seem motivated by any learning tools she had

Free Online Brainie Game – How To Play Brainie Game Like Pro

Choose the level you want to play. Remember that higher levels are more complex and will require kids to combine all the parts of their brain to solve the problem. This game has five levels:

  • Introduction,
  • Seeing Things Differently,
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making,
  • Working Memory
  • Attention and Focus.

The more complex levels also include Logic and Language Skills, Math Skills.

Upon choosing your difficulty level, you will be prompted to enter your name. After each correct answer, this is fun because a balloon with that letter will float up on the screen (there’s no option for kids to type in their name). Once you go through all the notes, the game will start over again.

Each level has a set of 7 short problems. To progress to the next level, you have to get three stars on all your levels (get three correct answers).

Below each issue is a paragraph that tells kids what parts of their brain are being used for this problem and why it is essential to keep those parts healthy and robust.

For example, one of the short problems is about a girl who needs to get all her materials together before going out into the rain on an art project.

This teaches kids that there are two concepts for working memory: Spatial Memory (visualizing owning things) and Sequencing (putting things in the correct order).

Continue solving these problems until you get three stars on all levels.

As kids are playing, they will notice balloons with letters floating up after each correct answer; once all six letters have appeared, that balloon will disappear, and the game starts over at the beginning. This is an excellent way for kids to practice spelling their names – it’s all part of the fun!


  • It’s fun, engaging, and can be played over and over again
  • Kids learn about their brains in a fun way that is relevant to them
  • Dr. Moseley-Williams has more than 20 years of experience as a pediatrician specializing in child development disorders
  • It is a FREE game on Forngames online site


Brainie is an excellent way for your children to learn about their brains in an engaging and fun manner. Parents can use it to help their kids learn about the parts of the brain while strengthening their knowledge at the same time. Download and try it now!