Free Online Power Block Game - How To Play Power Block Game Like Pro

Power Block Game

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The Power Block game is a fun strategy-based puzzle game that challenges players in their ability to think critically and strategically. The game’s goal is to clear as many lines from the screen as possible by placing blocks on top of each other. Players can use one hand for an offensive or defensive move, with more points awarded for successful defense than offense. 

Power Block Game Overview

The game starts with a 6×6 grid of blocks, and each player receives the same amount of time to place their 16 pieces on top of them.

Once a part is placed on another block, it becomes locked in, even if it was put down by mistake. The grid will turn red as more lines are cleared. 

Players have a total of 16 pieces to work with, 2 of each size. Players are given three times the number of defensive pieces than offensive ones. Each player can only use one hand at a time for placing blocks.

The object is to clear more lines than your opponent and have more pieces remaining in play when the time expires. If you put 3 blocks on a line, you receive 1 point.

If your opponent places 3 blocks on that same line, they also receive 1 point. However, if the player was trying to clear out their lines and successfully defended them from attack while doing so, they will earn 2 points.

Many are initially discouraged by this setup because block players think they need to get rid of many blocks all at once to make any progress, but that is entirely incorrect. 

Free Online Power Block Game – How To Play Power Block Game Like Pro

Step 1: Look at the top of the grid. Choose which column is most important to you. Do they have a lot of lines in this column?

Step 2: Start using your defensive pieces (piece size 4) to prevent them from taking that column vertically or horizontally. You can use your offensive work (size 3) to score and claim that column if you are successful.

Step 3: Continue to do this until their topmost block is pushed down on all sides by your defensive pieces, at which point you can clear the entire column with your nasty piece (piece size 2). This process of strategic attacking can be used in every situation of the game. Defensive works should never be wasted on offense and vice versa.

Step 4: Be aware of the color of the board as you play. Red means vulnerability. If your opponent is using offensive pieces, use defensive ones to protect your work or columns. Try to lead them into places where they will not create red squares if possible (white square).

This way, when they finally do attack, you will be able to get more points out of their nasty piece by creating large red squares or even possibly scoring.

Beginner Tips

The first few games you play will be challenging because the concept of blocking is new to many players. However, once you have got the hang of it, your Power Block Game skills will kick in, and that strategic thinking will become more natural.

Use defensive pieces for the offense. If you place enough defensive blocks around an offensive element, the scathing report will be unable to move, and you can clear a line.

Blocks can always be placed in areas where offensive pieces cannot knock them down. This is useful for clearing outlines over the long run. It may not seem like it, but thinking about which areas need blocks at a later time helps set up more extended plays against your opponent.

Use defensive pieces to stop offensive ones from making red squares, then use your awful piece to break one of those lines and clear it while also getting points for the other lines made in the process. 


Power Block Game has been developed by Tong Yuan, the owner of Smart Mobile Studio. Smart Mobile Studio is a small independent mobile game developer located in Beijing, China. The studio was founded by Tong Yuan and his wife Zhiwei Li back in the middle of 2009.

Power Block Game is a unique puzzle game that redefines Tetris and will leave its players hooked once they start playing it.

The game combines strategy, reflexes, and skill to be easy to understand but hard to master.

The game’s goal is simple: score more points than your opponent by clearing lines as quickly as possible. But once you start playing.

You’ll realize how challenging this seemingly effortless objective actually can be as you have to think carefully about which color blocks you need to protect, which lines you want to clear, and which lines you would like your opponent to remove as both players race against each other in matching the color blocks.


Power Block Game is a fun and addictive game that will keep you coming back for more. It’s simple yet challenging, whether you’re looking for an entertaining puzzle game to play on the bus or subway or a competitive mind challenge to get your brain working after a hard day of work.

The possibilities are endless as there are few games out there that are similar to Power Block Game. If you’re looking for an engaging puzzle game that will make your brain work overtime, Power Block Game is the video game for you.