Free Online Block Buster Game - How To Play Block Buster Game Like Pro

Block Buster Game

Free Online Block Buster Game - How To Play Block Buster Game Like Pro Click to play
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Puzzle games are among the most popular online, and many of them have become classics. Today we can meet various kinds and genres of puzzle amusements. This time our free Block Buster Game introduces a traditional jigsaw game that includes two modes: a normal one and a hard-level manner.

In this game, you need to assemble five pictures. The first is a shiny sports car; the second is a beautiful girl in fancy dress; the third is a cute cat, and the fourth is a fantastic artwork with colorful patterns.

Block Buster Game online helps you solve each puzzle quickly and efficiently by dragging each puzzle piece from its outline into position – without any time limit or other restrictions.

In our game, you can also select the speed of play and background music. The primary condition of winning is to assemble each puzzle as fast as possible, without errors, and by using no hints – your score depends on it! Apart from the primary mode, there is a hard-level mode that gives you a more significant challenge in this game.

But if you don’t have enough skill to complete a puzzle on a hard level, you can use a hint in this mode; it will show you where the exact piece is located so that you will be able to complete the puzzle efficiently! Assembling each of our puzzles won’t take much time because we’ve selected large images and given them an easy-to-understand structure.

Free Online Block Buster Game – How To Play Block Buster Game Like Pro

1. On the game page, click “PLAY NOW” button or the game screen, wait for loading (approx. 30 sec)

2. Give it a try and test this puzzle game for free – this is the best way to get acquainted with our competition! Traditional jigsaw game has never been so easy and fun – now you have an excellent opportunity to play this free online Block Buster Game introduce alone or with your friends all over the world!

3. Before you leave, we invite you to rate this classic puzzle game with five stars to let other people know how much you like our game Block Buster Game introduce! Not only this way will you support our work, but also you will make this puzzle game more popular.

Features of the Game

BlockBuster Game introduce has been developed to be a fun game. Here are some features of this free online Block Buster Game introduce:

  • Free Block Buster Game: play this puzzle online in your browser for free, with no ads or popups!
  • Simple controls – click on each picture element with your mouse and drag it to its outline!
  • Classic puzzles for lovers of this kind of game. In the first stage, you will learn how to play; then, there is a hard mode with larger and more complicated images – it’s up to you.
  • A fun game with significant sound effects will help you relax after a long day at work or during your free time.
  • You can play it everywhere, even on your mobile phone. Just visit our website on a smartphone or tablet, double click the game screen and enjoy playing the online Block Buster Game!


BlockBuster Game online is a fun game, especially the hard level. It seems very easy at first glance, but you will see that it requires some thinking to solve each puzzle. The only limitation of this free classic game is a time limit – try to be as fast as possible! We hope that our guide can help you play this game better.