Free Online Block Breaker - How To Play Block Breaker Like Pro

Block Breaker

Free Online Block Breaker - How To Play Block Breaker Like Pro Click to play
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Block Breaker is a fun, challenging, and addictive game that requires the player to break blocks. The goal of this game is to break all the blocks before they reach the top of your screen.

If you successfully break all the blocks, you will be rewarded with achievements points that can unlock new levels.

This game offers many entertainment values for players who enjoy puzzles or want an easy way to pass the time by solving logical problems.

Block breaker has gained popularity since it was released on Google Play last year and now boasts over 12 million downloads worldwide. With such high numbers, Block Breaker has become one of those games that people cannot put down once they start playing!

About Block Breaker Game

Block Breaker is a basic game that was developed in the early 80s. It is simply a two-dimensional variation of Breakout, with a few extra features and some changes to the rules. The objective of the Block Breaker game is to clear all the blocks from the screen by tapping on them.

They are removed if they’re horizontally or vertically adjacent to the space. When they are cleared, every next block has double points.

Players control a hand at the bottom of the screen that moves horizontally across the blocks and bounces up when it hits an obstruction.

The ball starts moving when they hit on it with their hand or if they swipe down from any point in this game. After each shot, the ball bounces back.

Block Breaker has two modes: Classic and Arcade. In Classic, blocks are cleared with a single hit, and they’re tougher to break in later levels.

Blocks are broken with multiple hits in Arcade mode, but the screen doesn’t shrink after every few cleared rows of blocks.


The features of this game are as follows:

  • Simple but addictive gameplay.
  • Highly entertaining and exciting levels with fantastic sound effects and animations.
  • Simple touch control that could be mastered in no time.


Block Breaker’s controls are pretty easy to master on a computer or laptop. The player needs to follow these steps:

The player needs to use the arrow keys or WASD key for moving the hand. Another option is to swipe up/down from any point on the screen. The player can tap anywhere on the screen except at the bottom border to shoot.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty in this game:

Easy: It’s easy to play on this level. Players can move their hands or swipe down from any point at the top of the screen.

Standard: For players who have played for a while and are familiar with all the controls and features of this game, it is one level they can play without much difficulty.

Hard: Players of this level have to be quite handy and fast to clear the blocks.

Tips & Tricks

The player can change between the levels according to his wish to play as long as possible without getting bored or facing difficulties while playing.

How To Play Block Breaker Like Pro

Once you get the hang of this game, you can try playing it like a pro. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you play Block Breaker like a true professional:

The player must learn to use the ball to his advantage in this game. If he doesn’t know how to do so, he’ll end up losing all ten balls quickly every time. The player must try hitting the ball at angles, not only up or down.

The player must remember that it’s essential to plan his strategies and understand where he is next. He should never move randomly and waste time just because the ball is following him; he should wisely choose the best path for it.

The player must never forget that time is the most crucial asset in this game. He should never waste it by overthinking about where he’s going next or what his plan of action is.

The player must always focus on clearing a block and not moving around aimlessly because that only leads to losing more balls and, ultimately, frustration.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Block Breaker, which will help you play it like a pro:

Is there an endless mode for this game?

No, there isn’t. It has just 40 levels with different difficulties and features of gameplay, design, and sound effects. The player can always play this game as per his wish, on any level of difficulty he wants to.

How do lives work in Block Breaker?

The player can lose a life when he fails to clear the ball, and it falls off the bottom of the screen or if the blocks reach up to that point.

The balls are awarded after every four levels passed by him or every time he gets a star. The player can have a maximum of 10 lives at any given point in this game.


With the new changes to block breaker, you can play with friends on your device or online through Facebook connect. The game is constantly evolving and provides a ton of fun for any age group. We recommend downloading it right now!

If you are interested in playing games with some strategy but don’t require too much thought, this is the perfect game.

And if you want something more challenging, we also offer other options like chess, where every move counts! So what are you waiting for? Download Block Breaker today and start having fun again!