Free Online Blackboard Game- How To Play Blackboard Like Pro


Free Online Blackboard Game- How To Play Blackboard Like Pro Click to play
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Do you have a favorite Blackboard game? There is no shortage of options, and new games are constantly being created. But, what if we could make a game that incorporates all of the classics with a straightforward twist?

We are introducing Blackboard Game! This seamless integration of classic games like Connect Four, Risk, Monopoly, and more will provide hours of entertainment for friends or family members to enjoy together.

And it’s not just fun – this educational game has three levels so players can advance from beginner to advanced while improving their logic skills.

Whether you’re looking for something relaxing to do with your loved ones on an evening in or need some help teaching your children about money management, Blackboard Game is perfect for everyone!

About Blackboard Game

Blackboard game is a strategy war game. This game can be played by 2-4 persons against each other on the same computer or using multiplayer mode over the internet.

The objective of this game is to control most areas on the board with your color (black or white) before your opponent does it. Your pieces are called stones, and your opponents are called opposite colors (white stones for black players and black stones for the white player).

The board is a 19×19 grid containing 361 points. There are two players, one playing with black stones and the other with white rocks. The players take turns placing their pieces on open intersections, usually alternating colors. A player may not move an opposing player’s piece.


1. High-quality 3D graphics

2. Easy and fun to play, challenging to master

3. Multiplayer mode over the internet or on the same computer with the single-player mode

4. Two players compete against each other on the same gameboard with black and white stones

5. Realistic stone movements similar to Go/Weichi/Baduk

6. White player moves first, and black player moves second, no 3rd turn for both players

7. Two kinds of interactive modes: Automatic and manual

8. Automatic mode for those who want to watch board events by themselves without interacting with the gameboard; the computer can be used as a chess engine when this mode is on


Mouse click on the player’s symbol will select that player (two players only). Click anywhere else to cancel the selection, and pass the turn.

Right mouse button clicks onboard area or stone(s) will drag the stone(s) to another place if there is no obstacle; it can do automatic dragging automatically if you hold down the left mouse button on the stone(s).

Mouse wheel scroll will rotate selected stone(s) clockwise or anti-clockwise (two players only). You can also zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel while setting stones.

Arrow keys are used for manual player’s movements. Up arrow key moves one space in the direction of that arrow key. Down arrow key moves one room in the order of that arrow key and diagonally if those spaces are not orthogonal to each other.

Left and right arrows move one space at a time orthogonally (not diagonally). These keys can also be used for automatic movements (see below).

The space bar is used to toggle the automatic mode for the selected player if there are two players on the same computer. Automatic mode will automatically move that player’s stones when you left the mouse, click without any selection, and hold down the space bar before releasing it.

Q/W/E keys are used for manual stone movements (two or more stones can be selected simultaneously).

Left and right arrows move one space at a time orthogonally (not diagonally), up arrow key moves one room in the direction of that arrow key, down arrow key moves one space in the direction of that arrow key, and diagonally if those spaces are not orthogonal to each other.

Developer/ Designer

Blackboard game is created and designed by an indie developer named Hao Nguyen from the very beginning. The concept of this game is inspired by a blackboard area where users can draw anything, put up information, or anything they want to share with others.

It’s like a whiteboard in real life, but you can use it online to share things with others who are on the same internet at the moment for free.

So, he created a game inspired by this board area where you can play on it and collect points when your pieces cover other player’s pieces on that blackboard. It’s like playing Go/Weichi/Baduk but online, more challenging and fun.

How To Play

The objective of this game is to cover the most space on the blackboard/gameboard with your player’s pieces at the end of two consecutive turns (see below for more details).

This can be achieved by moving a piece from its current place one step in any direction – forward, backward, or to either side. An opposing piece then occupies that space and is thus eaten.

The player’s goal is to cover more space with their color than the opponent. Once they succeed in eating more than half of the board, a victory message appears Congratulations! You won the game!.

The players are ranked by a total number of points earned (the same as in Go) – one point for every space on the board covered at the end of one turn.

There are two ways to play this game: automatic and manual (two or more players only).

In auto mode, that player’s color will automatically be moved when you left mouse click without any selection and hold down the space bar before rereleasing it; while in manual mode, the player can move a stone by left/right mouse clicking on the blackboard area or any stone.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are seven levels of difficulties in this game. The three standard levels are easy, medium, and hard.

Then there is one level for two players (co-op) where you have to cooperate, or your stones will be eaten by the computer’s color, one level that you can play against CPU only (CPU vs. CPU). And finally, you can choose where to place your piece on the board (in random mode only) or against a CPU opponent.


What is the purpose of this game?

This game aims to give players a place to play online against other people or just by themselves. It’s for fun and practice and can be enjoyed almost anytime or anywhere.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, you don’t have to be a certain age to play this game. You can have fun and challenge your skills in this game, and it’s accessible to everyone on the internet.

How do I win the game?

The player has to cover more space with their color than their opponent at the end of two consecutive turns.

Can you play this game without a computer/laptop?

No, but it’s possible to play in manual mode if there is an android device available and every player has their tablet (like Surface or iPad). In that case, the players can move their stones by left-clicking on them using a device like a mouse (touch screen).


Now you can have more experiences when you try this game. Blackboard is a new and improved version of the classic black-and-white board games that your parents played growing up, but it has much more exciting and constantly evolving twists to make it relevant for today’s tech-savvy players.

With its easy-to-learn gameplay and quick rounds, we think it will be one of those rare apps that manage to appeal to both casual gamers and hardcore strategy enthusiasts alike.