Free Online Bike Racing 3 - How To Play Bike Racing 3 Like Pro

Bike Racing 3

Free Online Bike Racing 3 - How To Play Bike Racing 3 Like Pro Click to play
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You may have seen the latest craze in gaming: bike racing 3 games. This new app has dominated all other games in downloads and is quickly becoming a favorite among gamers. Read on to find out why this app is so popular and what it entails.

This article will explore different aspects of the game, such as how easy it is for beginners to pick up, its addictiveness, and more! We’ll also share some tips on how you can get ahead of your competition by mastering skills that are rarely used or discussed!

You don’t want to miss out on these strategies; they could be the difference between winning or losing at this game. So read on if you’re interested in learning more about bike racing three game!

About Bike Racing 3 Game

If you are looking forward to playing a free bike racing game of 3D, then go for Bike Racing 3. This is one of the unique bike racing games that can be played online. It allows you to select your favorite motorcycle and then show your riding skills as you race against others.

Like any other auto racing game, in Bike Racing 3 game, you will have to be careful while choosing the right racing track and gaining high scores.

This free online bike racing game has a total of 4-4 levels that the player can play after completing one race. To achieve all levels, you need to follow your strategy and win the game. You have to beat your opponents or destroy their bikes by shooting missiles and bombs at them to get more points.

This bike racing game is highly addictive when it comes to 3D games. Bike Racing 3 is exceptional than any other game available online. You may be able to play many bike racing games online, but you won’t be able to get hold of such a fantastic bike racing game as Bike Racing 3.


In this part, we will be discussing the features of Bike Racing 3, which you will be able to experience after playing this bike racing game. Here are some of them:

You have different motorcycles as your option in this free online bike racing game. While choosing your favorite bike, make sure that it suits you well. That is, you need to have extended hours of riding experience to select a better bike.

Not only motorcycles, but there are also different levels for the game, and these levels are increasing with time as you get out from one level to the other. You will find yourself getting more familiar with this free online bike racing game while playing it.

Different bonuses can be awarded if you happen to complete the target or reach a particular level. If you are lucky enough, then bonus points will automatically get added to your total points, which may help you win the game.


We will be discussing the controls of this free online bike racing game. Here they are:

  • Use the Up arrow to accelerate
  • Press the Down arrow to brake or reverse
  • Left and right cursor keys are used for controlling your bike.


In this part, we will be discussing the developer of Bike Racing 3. Here is some information regarding it:

The game was developed by MobiGrow, which is an online gaming company. They are developing different kinds of free online bike racing games in which Bike Racing 3 is one of the best games.

How To Play

Here we will be discussing the process of playing this free online bike racing game. Some information regarding it is provided below:

  • Choose your favorite motorcycle and then start your race to get into 1st position.
  • Try to get access to the bonuses to gain more points and win the game.
  • You can also earn coins to upgrade your motorcycle, so choose wisely while purchasing upgrades.

Levels Of Difficulty

We will be discussing the levels of difficulty present in this free online bike racing game. Here is some information regarding it:

Easy Level – In this level, the difficulty is minimal. If you have just started playing bike racing games, it is highly suggested that you start with manageable levels to get accustomed to them and then move forward.

Semi Difficult Level – If you are confident after playing manageable levels or want to play challenging games, do not skip this level as it will help you understand every other level of difficulty in a better way.

Difficult Level – If you have gone through manageable and semi-difficult levels and are pretty much confident about your gaming skills, then you should play this difficult level that comes in between the two previous ones.


We will be discussing the common FAQs related to this free online bike racing game. Here is some information regarding them:

Is it possible to play this game without downloading?

Yes, it is easy to play Bike Racing 3 without downloading anything on your computer or mobile device. Just take a look at our page and then click on the link that says play game. This will redirect you to a page that will have instructions about how to play.

How do I earn coins in Bike Racing 3?

In this free online bike racing game, there are two ways through which you can quickly get hold of coins:

The first one is to collect coins by playing levels. So you get coins with time as you play the game and make your way up from level to level.

The second one is to buy coins. You can purchase these coins either through real money or with special offers presented on our page.

How do I earn stars in Bike Racing 3?

Stars are another item that can be earned while playing Bike Racing 3. You get stars when you pass a level or manage to complete your target at the end of the round.

Earning stars will help you upgrade your motorcycle to perform better and enable you to gain more points by just racing with it against others.


Bike Racing 3 is an excellent game for people of all ages and skill levels. It has more fun and constantly evolving, and it can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect.

If you are looking for an exciting bike racing game that will provide hours of entertainment, then this one is perfect!

Frongames also ensures that this game has more exciting games by including new features like level-ups, so there’s always something new to do in-game. Download it now from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store for free!